Tiger Rag editor Matt Deville had the opportunity to catch up with former LSU and two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Rohan Davey, now with the New England Patriots. <br><br> Last week the record-setting Tiger quarterback was in town promoting his latest venture.

Davey spoke to a small gathering at a local Baton Rouge restaurant about SIX, Inc., an operation he has founded in conjunction with The Rohan Davey Foundation, an organization the Miami native has formed to promote juvenile literacy.


After Davey spoke about SIX, he spent a few minutes with Tiger Rag and discussed various topics including his past successes at LSU, his future endeavors in the NFL including where he feels his future lies – and is that with Nick Saban in his hometown of Miami.


Deville: Now that you have been gone for three years from LSU, could you reflect back on your time spent in Baton Rouge and what your years here mean to you now?

Davey: Reflecting back and seeing what we did, the national championship that they won, to see the guys out there that I helped recruit doing it and playing well, winning the national championship, that is awesome. Just knowing that we kind of got the ball rolling in that direction. The coaches and the players took the initiative after that and ran with it and did great. You never get a chance to reflect on something while your doing it, or even realize what you are doing at that time. Like playing in the Super Bowl, you never get a chance to enjoy it until basically it is over. Like looking back at my year when we won the Sugar Bowl and that great time we had together and the friendships that you make, that is what means the most to me.


Deville: At LSU, you had to sort of wait your time and pick your time to shine. I guess you are sort of doing that now playing behind Tom Brady with the Patriots. Talk about your career in the NFL and where you hope it goes.

Davey: Let me tell you this, the position in which I was fortunate enough to get drafted in and have the opportunity to go into an organization like the New England Patriots and have the opportunity to play with one of the greatest people as well as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Tom and having the opportunity to work with coach (Bill) Belichick, probably one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game. This organization, the Kraft family, what they have put together there and the team that we have is so similar to the one we had at LSU because it is made up of guys that are so unselfish, guys that do everything they can to win a football game. For me to be there and learn from those guys and learn what it is to be a professional and go about my job and learn my craft and the way I had to step it up because in the NFL, everybody is good. In college, you can find that a couple of cornerbacks may be good on a team, but week in and week out, you are facing the top players at every position. Then for us to make the run that we did winning the Super Bowls. You have guys out there that wait there entire career to even make it to a Super Bowl. We had a guy that had been in the league for 10 years and last year was his first time to ever even be in the playoffs. I definitely look back and cherish what we have done and what we have accomplished with the Patriots. Whenever the opportunity comes for myself or just anybody, when they get a chance to get out there and perform, but you have to wait for your opportunity.


Deville: With that said, being behind Tom Brady and he being young, if you are to get an opportunity, do you feel as if you might have to do that someplace else?

Davey: The thing that is so funny about that is that you never know what is going to happen. I am sure that when Tom was playing and (Drew) Bledsoe was in front of him, he was probably thinking he might have to make his mark somewhere else. And then fortunately enough for him, he got the opportunity to get his shot. Wherever this game, wherever this opportunity takes me, wherever I have the opportunity to get onto the field and show what I can do, in my career I do want to fulfill certain goals, not necessarily for myself but when you get into the profession, like yourself, you want to be the best at it and want the opportunity to show what you can do and be the best at it. So whenever that opportunity presents itself, I will jump on it.




Tiger Rag editor Matt Deville sat down with former LSU

and current New Engalnd Patriot quarterback Rohan Davey. (MJBrown)



Deville: Coach (Nick) Saban is in you division now. (Davey laughs.) Have you spoke with coach? Have you guys chatted about possibly making the move to South Beach?

Davey: I have spoken to coach Saban but not on any business terms like coming to Miami or anything, just basically congratulating him on his successes and getting the job in Miami. I have just let him know that I am down there and my family is down there and if there is anything we could possibly do for him just to let us know. But not anything on the business aspect – YET!


Deville: Is it going to be weird seeing him across the field next season?

Davey: Oh yeah. It is going to be different. A lot different.


Deville: And what about your LSU family you have their in New England? There are quite a few of you guys up there.

Davey: Man yeah, you mean LSU North? That is probably one of the best things about being up there is having those guys up there. You know you are with guys that can relate to Baton Rouge. We have crawfish boils and get together all the time and hang out. It is like we have our own little community up there. It is great.


Deville: What was the best – winning two Super Bowls, winning an NFL Europe championship or winning the SEC Championship and Sugar Bowl?

Davey: That is really a tough one. That is tough. But college – winning the SEC Championship and the Sugar Bowl – is definitely the best time of my life. A great time. Everything instilled in me, everything I learned came from Baton Rouge; came from LSU. So I would have to say that.


Deville: And finally, Boston has had a great deal of success in terms of sports and winning championships. What is bigger in Boston, you guys winning two Super Bowls or the Red Sox winning the World Series?

Davey: Man that isn't ever close. Those people are crazy about the Red Sox up there.

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