Brother Martin's Snyder an SEC prospect

There are not any offensive linemen in Louisiana for the CLass of 2006 that one would consider a can't miss prospect for the next level.<br><br> However, there are several players that have a chance to become SEC-type players if they continue to make strides and New Orleans-Brother Martin prospect Mark Snyder is a perfect example.<br><br>

Snyder, a 6-6, 250-pound tight end with 5.2-speed, projects as an offensive tackle on the college level. He has a nice upside because he could add 30-40 pounds to his frame and give someone a big blocker on the edge with a lot of athleticism.

"He is a good athlete but he just doesn't run well enough to stretch defenses vertically," said Brother Martin head coach Wayde Kaiser. "He has the feet that most college tight ends have and that will help him make the move to the offensive line. He is a solid blocker for us that will only get better once he gets stronger."

Kaiser has seen his fair share of tight ends that make the transition to the offensive line and he sees those same qualities in Snyder.

"He reminds me a lot of Adam Kraus who will probably be Michigan's starting center this year," said Kaiser. "The only thing is Adam's shoulders were broader and he was a little thicker. But they are similar."

One thing that Snyder will have to overcome is a knee injury that sidelined him late last season but according to Kaiser everything is going according to plan.

"He tore the ACL in the second round of the playoffs and had to have the knee reconstructed," Kaiser said. "He won't be able to practice in the spring but he will do some running. He won't be cutting on it but we expect him to make a full recovery."

Despite the injury, most of the coaches that Kaiser sent a highlight reel to have responded favorably. He is receiving interest from LSU, Ole Miss, Arkansas and most of the SEC schools.

College coaches will likely take a wait and see approach with Snyder but if he makes a full recovery there will likely be scholarship offers thrown his way.

"He is on people's radar and a lot of coaches will be coming by in the Spring just to see him with their own eyes," Kaiser said. "I think what will happen is someone will take a shot at him because he is 6-6 and he has the grades. There aren't a whole lot of kids like that walking around these days. Somebody will get a kid that will be a pretty good player down the road."

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