LSU eyeing hometown OL Geralds

LSU's search for offensive linemen has primarily focused on out-of-state guys but there is one prospect in the Tigers' backyard that recently picked up a verbal offer from his hometown school.

"They (LSU) called and told my coach they were giving me a scholarship offer," said Scotlandville Magnet guard Daverin Geralds.

Geralds stands at 6-foot-3, weighs 285 pounds and clocks in at 5.2 seconds in the 40-yard dash. The kid is very strong with a 350-pound bench and has the quick feet needed to play guard at the major college level. Not only is he a tremendous football player but he is also a phenomenal student that is on pace to graduate valedictorian in his senior class.

Geralds missed nearly six games of his junior campaign with a fractured foot but still managed to pick up first team all-district and all-metro honors. He graded out at over 90 percent for the season and proved that when healthy he has the potential to be the No. 1 lineman in the state.

LSU offensive line coach Stacey Searels is handling the bulk of Geralds' recruitment for the Tigers and the last time they spoke Searels made it clear that he wanted Geralds to wear the purple and gold.

"He was telling me how they were looking for offensive linemen and I was one of the top their top offensive line prospects on their list," said Geralds. "He said he was looking forward to me coming to their camp so he could work with me."

It's not likely that Geralds will make it to an LSU camp this summer or any other camp because he had surgery on Monday on the foot he injured last season and plans on taking it easy for a while.

"It wasn't bothering me or anything but my doctor said I should get it fixed completely before the season starts," said Geralds. "It was just a little minor surgery but I have to stay off of my foot for a few weeks. I'll be back to full speed in no time."

Geralds said he had a feeling the LSU staff was close to giving him an offer and he was pumped when he found out the good news.

"I was excited," he said. "LSU is right here at home and my parents would get a chance to see me play. I've been there several times and I really like their facilities and the level of college football that LSU is on."

Geralds said once he took a look at the depth chart and realized how bad the Tigers needed guards that made the offer all the more enticing.

"That is another thing that caught my attention," he said. "They don't have many guards listed on the depth chart. If I went there I would have a chance to play in my freshman or sophomore year and that is something I'm looking to do."

In addition to his offer from the hometown school, Geralds said he has written offers from Ole Miss and Duke. He said he is hearing from a lot of schools on a pretty steady basis and the ones that rolled off the tip of his tongue were Northwestern, Oklahoma, UCLA, Florida and Miami.

In a recent interview with, Geralds said that he was leaning more towards Tennessee than the other schools because he grew up rooting for the Vols. However, he said after examining things a little more closely that is not the case anymore.

"Tennessee would be up there but I haven't really been contacted by anyone from there in a while," he said. "I still have medium interest in them but I don't know how much they are interested in me."

So, how would the standout lineman rank his favorites now?

"Ranking them one to five, it would probably have to be LSU, Ole Miss, Duke, Oklahoma and Florida," he said.

Is there any chance in him making an early commitment?

"Not right now," he said. "Maybe later in the summer before the season starts but not right now."

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