Allen talks about time in Baton Rouge

Cornerback Asher Allen (5-10, 180, 4.4) and linebacker Morrice Richardson (6-3, 240, 4.5) are two of the most coveted prospects in Georgia for 2006.

The two cousins were trying to get down to Baton Rouge a week and a half ago to check out LSU and Tiger Rag caught up with half of the dynamic duo to see if they made the unofficial visit.

"We went up there on Saturday (May 21) and had a real good time," Allen told Tiger Rag. "We had a real good time. It reminded me a lot of Texas and Georgia. I have family in Texas and Georgia and it reminded me a lot of home."

LSU linebackers coach Bradley Dale Peveto is recruiting both players and he was a big reason the two decided to hop on a plane and fly over.

"Me and coach Peveto are starting to build a real good relationship," said Allen, who claims more than 20 scholarship offers. "He showed us around pretty much the whole weekend. He is just a real cool guy and is down to earth. It felt real comfortable with him and not like a business trip at all."

What impressed Allen the most about his visit?

"I had no idea the campus was at big as it is," he said. "It was real nice but when they get through with all of the renovations it is going to be beautiful. I loved the academic center and how they stress academics. The average GPA for players is a 2.9 so that tells me the importance they place on academics."

Allen has been sitting on an LSU offer since February while Richardson was wishing he would pick one up over the weekend.

Did his wish come true?

"I think they did offer him when he talked with coach Miles one-on-one," Allen said. "I know coach Peveto was all over him the whole trip."

Allen said he does not know if he will make it back it to Baton Rouge this summer but he knows he will be back during the fall.

"I plan on going back for a game so I can experience the game day atmosphere at LSU," he said. "That is all I've ever heard about and I want to experience it for myself. They say there is nothing better than a Saturday night at Tiger Stadium."

So did the trip do anything to spark a greater interest in LSU?

"Oh yea," he said. "They definitely raised their stock in my book. I don't have a top eight or anything but if I did they would definitely be in it."

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