Tigers still lead for Mississippi OT

Sumrall (Miss.) offensive tackle Tyler Graves (6-6, 290, 5.2) has been sitting on an LSU offer for a couple of months.

It's no secret that the Tigers need five to six quality offensive linemen in the Class of 2006 and the LSU coaching staff feels that Graves would be a quality addition to the program.

Graves took a little time out of his Tuesday afternoon to talk with Tiger Rag and tell us what he has been up to this summer.

Tiger Rag: How has your summer been going? Graves: It's been going real good. I work for a doctor here in town and when I'm not working I'm either lifting or doing something related to football.

Tiger Rag: What camps have you been over the past couple of months? Graves: LSU, Ole Miss and Auburn.

Tiger Rag: Is LSU still your only offer? Graves: Right now that is it.

Tiger Rag: What schools seem to be recruiting you the hardest? Graves: LSU, Southern Miss, Auburn, Florida State and Ole Miss.

Tiger Rag: What coach do you talk to the most from LSU? Graves: Coach (Stacey) Searels.

Tiger Rag: When is the last time you spoke to coach Searels? Graves: It's been over a month or so since I've talked to him but I get letters and notes in the mail all of the time.

Tiger Rag: The last time we spoke you said LSU was your leader. Is that still the case? Graves: They are still No. 1. I still feel real strong about LSU. I like them a lot. I've learned a lot about them this summer with everything they have to offer as far as academic support, facilities and with the football program.

Tiger Rag: What will be the deciding factors when you choose your school? Graves: Right now, I'd have to say playing time. I don't want to go into a program that has a lot of young guys already ahead of me on the depth chart. That would probably be the main thing I'm looking at is being able to play early in my career.

Tiger Rag: The Tigers have a definite need to sign at least five and possibly even six offensive linemen in this class. Is that something that is attractive when you look at LSU? Graves: Definitely. I talked to coach Searels and he said seven to eight guys would graduate in the next two years. He said last year they only signed two guys and those guys and the ones they sign this year will have to play early for them.

Tiger Rag: When do you plan on making a commitment? Graves: I'm going to go through the whole process and then after my senior year sit back and look at everything and then make my decision.

Tiger Rag: Have you decided which schools you will take official visits to? Graves: LSU will most likely be one and then after that I don't know.

Tiger Rag: Do you plan on taking in some home games at Tiger Stadium this season? Graves: Oh yes. I'm definitely going to be going down for a few games this year and I can't wait.

Tiger Rag: Alright Tyler you take it easy and good luck with the upcoming season. Graves: Thank you sir. I'll talk to you later.

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