PRACTICE REPORT: Aug. 8 - Evening

The second practice for the freshman squad appeared more refined than yesterday's performance that left Head Coach Les Miles calling sloppy.

With dark clouds looming and the rumble of thunder in the background, Miles and his incoming class worked on fine tuning the timing and execution of the basics.

In the first of five periods, the wide receiver corps, consisting of freshmen and returning players such as Xavier Carter and Amp Hill, worked on protecting the ball after the catch. Not one ball was dropped as teammates attempted to strip it from the receivers' hands.

Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher gave praise to Hill and Carter for their catches as they practiced five yard curl routes.

Ryan Perrilloux looked impressive as he placed the ball perfectly in the arms of his receivers while executing fade routes of 20 yards. His spirals continued without fault as the squad moved to 15 yard comeback routes and 10 yard passes across the middle.

However, his freshman experience showed while practicing handoffs with the running backs. Although the inside handoffs to senior Shyrone Carey and other running backs were handled well, there was some confusion regarding the shovel passes and the quarterback's placement after the toss.

Perrilloux also worked on the play action passes to his tight ends and fullbacks at the end of fifth period, and executed each play perfectly.

The defensive line worked on their timing after the snap. Defensive line coach Karl Dunbar commended the efforts of Marlon Favorite as he repeated exploded off the line.

However, the positive responses ended as Favorite struggled with his footwork as the line practiced moving around dummies.

The defensive backs continued working on their inside coverage and gaining position over the receiver. They also practiced returning to the receiver after quick passes.

During the fifth period, Miles studied the offensive line as they toiled on their timing and synchronizing with the snap. In his calm demeanor, Miles never spoke a word during these drills, leaving all commands to his offensive line coach, Stacy Searels.

The squad continued to wear shorts and jerseys today, but will be in full pads later this week when both squads will practice together.

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