PRACTICE REPORT - Aug. 10 - Morning

It was day two of workouts in shoulder pads and shorts for the LSU veterans Wednesday morning at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility.

While not as hot as it was on Tuesday, the players were still trying to adjust to the heat and duress of wearing the shoulder pads. As the quarterback battle continues, JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn were back at it Wednesday morning feeling the affects of the heat.

In Tuesday's afternoon practice, freshman quarterback Ryan Perrilloux crouched down on the practice field trying to catch his breath. Wednesday morning, Russell and Flynn were reminded of the competition at the position and that heat would be no excuse.

"Your posture is all wrong," offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher barked in the direction of both Russell and Flynn who were laboring with the heat and humidity. "You're worried about being hot. You better be worried about being good."

Talking about hot, took a few moments to give the LSU running back corps a quick glimpse. How did Alley Broussard not make the first team all-SEC team? Gerald Riggs from Tennessee is understandable, but nor running back at Mississippi State (first team pick Jerious Norwood) can come close to Broussard. In the past he has shared the load with the members of LSU's talented backfield, but under Miles' watch, Broussard could be a featured back. Broussard is in the best shape of his life and is poised to have he best season as well.

That being the case, Joseph Addai will be used more as a running back/possession receiver. Addai has had his moments in his career, but this will be his year to shine. Having flown under the radar most of his career, Miles' offensive will showcase a player with Addai's versatility.

As we said in yesterday's practice report, Justin Vincent is bigger, but whether or not he is quicker will remain to be seen. Miles said he has been slowed with some minor dings (he did not go into detail on Vincent's injuries), but the junior is showing signs he could add a little more power to his arsenal to go along with his slashing running style.

The media was allowed into practice for the shortest stint so far this fall camp this morning. However, we can take this opportunity to reflect on some other impressions from yesterday's workouts hopefully answering some questions from our Tiger rag message boards.

As for wide receiver Amp Hill, the redshirt sophomore finally looks ready to play the role many expected of him two seasons ago. The Jacksonville, Fla. native is showing no signs of pain and it is obvious in his route running in practice. He looks to have bulked up a bit more than his 198-pound listing on the official roster.

We spoke of Brandon LaFell's similarities to Dwayne Bowe in yesterday's report. Is he a legitimate 6-3? ABSOLUTELY. Physically imposing as a wide receiver with size and speed, on a team loaded with talent at wide receiver, LaFell could be a sleeper to make an impact as a freshman. We drew comparisons to Bowe yesterday, but he may be more comparable to Michael Clayton as a true freshman. Clayton was tall and lean with lots of athleticism. We're not saying he will make that sort of impact (that would be tough considering the company LaFell is in), but he is a sure bright spot for the future.

Al Jones and Rickey Jean-Francois practiced yesterday with the defensive linemen. Jones will likely play defensive end and Jean-Francois is poised to be an animal on the end as well. As you will see in our photo gallery to be posted later today, Jean-Francois' physique resembles that of a Jevon Kearse. Just looking at this guy you can see him swim move an offensive tackle and have a quarterback in his grasp before he hardly has the snap from center.

As for the offensive line, Miles spoke yesterday about Rudy Niswanger starting at center. While he is taller (6-5) than your usual center, Miles said he would rather have no one else at that position.

Miles also added he liked that development of sophomore big man Herman Johnson and that he will definitely play a role on this line. From observations, Brett Helms has drawn plenty of attention from assistant coach Stacey Searles.

Listed ahead of Will Arnold at left guard on the fall's initial depth chart, the rather boisterous scrutiny he has received says the coaches are expecting lots out of this redshirt freshman.

On the construction front, Tiger rag spoke with LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent this morning and we will have a detailed report on the construction projects at Tiger Stadium in our next issue.

But a few tidbits on the stadium:

- The first bank of lights has been added to the west upper deck.

- The eighth of 10 sections of the deck's seating area is nearly in place as of this morning.

- The first six sections are being weather-proofed right now and the actual seats are being installed in those sections.

- LSU is still anticipating 2,000 fans will be transplanted somewhere else in the stadium for the first two games. Vincent assured fans they will know where they will be sitting well prior to the game against North Texas. He said LSU will be in contact with those fans and they will arrive on Gameday with proper ticket ‘in hand.'

- As for getting into the stadium, Vincent said a third portal – Portal C – will be added on South Stadium Drive to allow a smoother flow of traffic into the stadium on the south end.

- Mike the Tiger's cage is on schedule and he will be moved back into his habitat on Aug. 23. An official ribbon cutting will be held on Aug. 29.

- The players will move into the Football Operations building on Aug. 21. Their quarters will be located on the first floor. Vincent said the coach's will be moved into their offices on Sept. 9, the day before the Arizona State game. When they report to work on Sunday, Sept. 11, they will go to work in their second floor offices in the Football Ops building.

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