PRACTICE REPORT: August 15 - Evening

The LSU football team continued two-a-day workouts Monday afternoon in the indoor practice facility after numerous lightning strikes and threatening storm clouds surrounded the McClendon Practice Fields.

The Tiger coaching staff originally planned to conduct special teams' drills involving the entire squad inside before sending the players back outside for individual workouts with position coaches. But, persistent lightning strikes in the vicinity kept the entire team inside for the duration of practice.

Quarterbacks continued to work with wide receivers, with each of the four QBs listed on the depth chart receiving equal chances to throw deep sideline and slant patterns while running backs worked on catching passes inside the 10-yard line.

All three potential starters, JaMarcus Russell, Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux performed well, with each having little trouble making accurate throws inside the 5-yard line from midfield. Perrilloux is still struggling a little with his accuracy along the sidelines on 10-15 yard routes while Russell and Flynn seem to be improving steadily.

The running backs moved to midfield during the third and fourth periods to work with the quarterbacks on screen passes and deep sideline routes. Again, all three potential starting quarterbacks performed well, with few passes being overthrown or behind receivers.

Freshmen tailbacks R.J. Jackson and Antonio Robinson dropped a few deep passes and struggled with timing the routes while Justin Vincent, Joseph Addai and Shyrone Carey, the three potential starting tailbacks, all excelled at catching the 40-45 yard passes.

The entire team gathered near the goal line during period six to work on offensive versus defensive blocking in the red zone.

Four Tigers were reported injured by the LSU Sports Information Staff. Defensive back Jesse Daniels continued to practice in a green jersey while nursing a wrist injury suffered last season. He was joined in the "no contact" green jersey by offensive guard Will Arnold whose injury was not specified.

Back-up tight end Doug Planchard did not practice because of a knee injury suffered last week. Junior tail back Alley Broussard is out for the season because of a knee injury sustained during a scrimmage Saturday.

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