Day 11 of fall camp featured a visibly interested head coach Les Miles carefully observing the quarterback and wide receiver drills at the Charles McClendon Practice Field. Based on the results, he could not have been too happy.

Quarterback JaMarcus Russell looked a little sloppy on fly routes and bubble screens, but was on target on fade routes. His performance prompted Jimbo Fischer to say, "It is not the receivers' (fault). You are not throwing them anything."

Ryan Perriloux remained under the microscope as the coaches all took a keen interest in his reps. His fly route passes were labeled "too high" and his mechanics appeared rusty. The coaches repeatedly pleaded for him to keep his elbow in on his passes.

Matt Flynn remained consistent as one of his attempts was labeled "good, perfect."

Despite the communication issues between the quarterbacks and receivers, the wideouts had a good workout and looked to be coming along as expected. They began sluggish and wide receiver/passing game coach Todd Monken quickly commented, saying, "you all should be scared to walk, you gotta run." After the tongue lashing, they rose to the occasion. Dwayne Bowe ran sharp routes and looked to be giving his all. Xavier Carter looked seamless on his routes as he glided towards all of his receptions. Monken was applauding Carter's efforts with encouraging remarks towards "X-man".

Offensive tackle Brian Johnson and offensive guard Will Arnold were in green jerseys, indicating no contact. Tight end Doug Planchard was in shorts with a large brace over his knee. Also, offensive lineman Andrew Decker was in shorts and jersey as he ran from station to station with the rest of the lineman unit.

News is slow to develop but it seems Amp Hill has left the team for unspecified reasons. His departure seems a bit strange after comments from last week's workouts seemed to indicate things were good.

Here is a transcript from an interview last Thursday.

On being totally healthy… I feel like I am there now. I am 100-perecnt ready. I can run, cut without any problems. I am running smooth. No doubt at all.

On being back to shape of high school senior… I feel like I am.

On opening up the offense… Coach Saban liked to throw it a lot too. But we are going to open things up a little more. I am just happy to be in this situation.

On Ryan Perrilloux… Ryan is a great athlete with tremendous arm strength. It has been good working out with him. We have been working out all summer long. The summer workouts have transferred over. He stepped right in and is making the right reads and making the right passes downfield.

On JaMarcus Russell… I definitely think he has stepped it up. Only time will tell who will be the No. 1 guy. They have all three been working hard and it has been great catching passes from all of them. Only time will tell though who will start.

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