PRACTICE REPORT: Aug. 17 - Evening

A day after wide receiver Amp Hill announced his leaving LSU, the Tigers were back at the Charles McClendon Football Practice Facility to finish another two-a-day practice.

In an interview after practice, Head Coach Les Miles was hesitant to disclose much information regarding Amp Hill, but confirmed that the receiver will no longer be on the team.

"I certainly understand it," Miles said. "I don't necessarily want it, but I wish him well."

"Certainty he had every opportunity to succeed here," Miles said. "Possibly the talent in front of him in combination with a very severe injury put him behind in his playing."

Miles also added that he spoke with Hill twice about his decision and will release him.

The media was only allowed to view three periods this afternoon. However, during this abbreviated time, the players put on a show, described as "aggressive, competitive" by Miles.

The quarterbacks continued working the wide receivers at the beginning of practice. While executing 10 yard lob passes near the sideline, JaMarcus Russell's passes looked smooth as silk, as he perfectly placed four straight passes in his receivers' hands.

Ryan Perrilloux appeared to be having some trouble as he never found his rhythm while moving from the right to left has marks. He kept overshooting his receivers and could not string two good looking passes together.

As practice moved on, Perriloux became more consistent while Russell lost some of his touch. The quarterbacks worked on passes of 25 yards into the wind. This time, all of Perrilloux's passes were right on target. His performance got the approval of Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher as he yelled "There you go, that's the kind you want," on a beautifully executed throw by the freshman.

Russell, however, looked to struggling as one of his passes duck-tailed five yards short of his receiver. Fisher did not appear pleased with Russell's throws, making the sophomore quarterback redo the drill until throwing a good ball, which he did after three tries.

Lost in the flip-flopping of the quarterbacks' consistency is the perfect practice of Matt Flynn. Every pass Flynn threw was on target and perfectly positioned for the receivers.

Regarding the on-going saga of who will start come September, Miles said that he is excited about having all three out there in practice.

"I like what's going on with quarterback to be honest," Miles said. "I think [Russell and Flynn] are stepping up, and that's what they should do, and I think Perrilloux's talented and bright."

Miles added that quarterback is no the only spot where there is competition for the starting role."

"I think there's some interesting playing time up for grabs at linebacker. I think Ali Highsmith is making a push. Luke Sanders is making a push."

Despite the intense heat and the second practice of the day, Skyler Green treated his teammates to some entertainment during practice. Green's singing could be heard on all four of the practice fields. But he did not stop with just his music. During the 25 yard passing drills, Green leapt for an overthrown ball, extended his body, and came down with one foot in the back corner of the end zone.

The fullbacks and tight ends also got to see some passes today as the quarterbacks worked on play action rollouts. Senior fullback Kevin Steltz looked impressive while his main competitor for the starting role, Jacob Hester, was told to execute the drill "less mechanical" by Fisher.

After the media left, the team scrimmaged for about 20 plays, which they will also do tomorrow and Saturday.

"The defense was playing well," Miles said. "They had a better afternoon. The morning was more the offense's."

"This morning, the offense called the defense out, and the defense showed up this afternoon and answered that call."

Miles said he likes what he has seen in terms of veteran leadership on the team.

"I think the veterans on the team are really committed to being a good football team and playing for a championship," Miles said.

Despite the intense heat this afternoon, Miles is pleased with the way his team is responding physically.

"I think the fitness level is good. This has been a nice long, hot day," Miles said. "Those kids played hard today."

Miles said he thinks his team is ready to get on the field and is anxious to play an actual football game soon.

Friday morning's practice will be televised by ESPN, but Miles insists the broadcast will have no bearing on how practice will be run.

"It's wonderful exposure for our football program, but certainly it'll be business as usual."

Miles joked that the only changes he might make will be washing his black windbreaker and getting his teeth whitened.

Garett Wibel continued to wear the green jersey during this afternoon's practice, but he was in full pads and did work with the offensive linemen.

Two scouts from the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars were at practice, watching the team work out from the sidelines.

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