The Tigers traded in the full pads work out for just helmets and shoulder pads. This change gave them some relief from the heat this afternoon, and they needed all the help they could get.

Perhaps it was the suffocating Louisiana heat, or pressure of being a Top 5 program in the AP Preseason Poll, or the jitters of the first day of school, but whatever it was, the LSU football team was feeling it.

Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher and Wide Receivers Coach Todd Monken had a lot to say as both quarterbacks and receivers struggled.

No quarterback had a firm consistency this afternoon.

Freshman Ryan Perrilloux kept overthrowing his receivers, while sophomore Matt Flynn had the opposite problem, as he threw behind his target. Even JaMarcus Russell's performance did not please Fisher, as he made each quarterback redo their passes a number of times.

Fisher's discontent was so great that he threatened to pull the quarterbacks and make them run laps.

Monken was also just as unhappy with the work of his wide receivers.

On 25 yard sideline routes, he kept emphasizing the use of the elbow to create space between the receiver and defender. However, a miscue from junior Dwayne Bowe forced Monken to stop the rotation and make Bowe rerun the same route using his elbow correctly.

At the end of the third of five periods, the quarterbacks moved to the backfield as they worked on deep 40 passes to their fullbacks and rehearsed handing off to their tailbacks.

With the loss of Alley Broussard for the season, the rotation was shuffled a bit as Russell is still working with Joseph Addai, Flynn now hands off to Shyrone Carey, and Perrilloux practices with Justin Vincent.

Although a little less vocal than Fisher or Monken, Bo Pelini kept a watchful eye on his defensive backs as they ran through a variety of drills this afternoon.

The backs worked on their timing of jumps as they blocked and intercepted deep passes above their heads.

They also worked on recovering after the receiver slips by them. The receiver is given a few yard advantage and the defender must come back to break up the play. Pelini looked rather pleased as the only words he said during this drill were a calm "don't panic."

On the injury side, Chevis Jackson wore a green jersey this afternoon even though he dressed in shoulder pads and practiced with the defensive backs. Defensive end Kirston Pittman did not practice, instead watching his teammates.

The Tigers will hold their final major scrimmage tomorrow afternoon.

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