Afternoon showers forced this afternoon's practice into the Indoor Practice Facility, providing the players with an escape from the heat.

Although the indoor facility gave little space for the individual work outs, everything ran like clockwork.

The quarterbacks began practice with a drill frequently performed by the wide receivers. They ran with the ball protected while others try to strip it from their arms. After this drill, they moved on to avoiding the rusher while staying in the pocket.

The receivers then joined the quarterbacks and rehearsed the usual variety of passing routes. Over-the-shoulder sideline routes, across the middle routes, outside curl routes, and deep endzone bombs were all watched carefully by Head Coach Les Miles, who debuted The Les Miles Show last night to a packed crowd.

Each quarterback looked impressive as they were throwing bullets at their receivers. During the deep endzone passes of around 50 yards, JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Perrilloux appeared to have much stronger arms than Matt Flynn. Both Russell and Perrilloux easily found the back of the endzone while the receivers were forced to shorten their strides for Flynn's passes.

The quarterbacks then worked with the running backs as they practiced handoffs and quick passes. Joseph Addai continues to work with the ones, while Shyrone Carey is with the second string, and Justin Vincent is third.

However, everyone seemed to be in high spirits during practice. The usually vocal Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher was rather subdued this afternoon. Instead of his signature intensity, his reactions were toned down to a mild "atta boy" to all three quarterbacks.

One man in the spotlight is now starting linebacker Jason Spadoni. He showed why he is Miles's choice for first string as the linebacker corps worked on the footwork and keeping their knees high as they dodged around tackling dummies. On every rotation his footwork was sharp and he kept his energy high all throughout practice.

Weather permitting, the Tigers will be back outside tomorrow afternoon to conclude their week of practice.

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