The Charles McClendon Practice Field was buzzing with hype. With the LSU Tigers a little more than a week away from their opening contest against North Texas, the players and coaches were working out with a higher degree of purpose.

Coaches were stressing fundamentals and players were honing their skills. One difference was the installation of having the scout teams where green jerseys to begin instilling the notion of game like scenarios.

Coach Jimbo Fisher was giving a running commentary to each quarterback as they took part in pass drills. He told JaMarcus Russell to, "stay tall and balanced."

Russell responded with throws that would make any LSU fan breathe a sigh of relief. His passes were on the mark and in stride. Matt Flynn continued to get a peppering of "good jobs" from Fisher.

Ryan Perriloux looked streaky as he continues to process the directions and orders given to him by the coaching staff. At one point, Fisher told the quarterbacks, "we have a bunch of good guys but who's the one guy?"

The receivers were having their route running reinforced. It was a quick drill as they laid everything out, running every route imaginable. As they ran their patterns, coach Todd Monken was barking instructions. He repeated himself multiple times with, "don't peak before you plant", emphasizing route precision. Xavier Carter continued to excel as Monken congratulated him a few times.

The offensive line worked on explosion off the snap of the ball. One offensive lineman under particular scrutiny was Rudy Niswanger as he had a scout from the Indianapolis Colts come out to watch him practice.

The linebackers spent much of the time punishing sleds and then bouncing off to hit another man next to the sled. Jason Spadoni, who will replace E.J. Kuale at weak side linebacker, does not seem to have missed a step.

His technique was good and his quickness was a surprise. The linebackers and secondary worked on lateral movements with ball direction drills. They would run then follow the path of a pointed football. The secondary also worked on coverage drills and interception practice.

The only serious injuries the team reported as of Friday was Alley Broussard and Kuale.

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