Miles speaks out on ASU game

Opening Statement… "The Arizona State team is a very talented team. They played extremely well against Temple. They have the ear mark of a nationally ranked team in all three phases, offense, defense and special teams. They are extremely talented on special teams. They have a tremendous punter. (Jesse) Ainsworth is an extremely talented kickoff and return guy. They have great cover teams and return teams.

On defense, they're fast and have a big playmaker in their middle linebacker. He's a guy who can run to the football and make plays. He's a real physical player. Their defensive line is fast and mobile. On the corners, they have one veteran back. They have some inexperience there but they're very talented. They're a very capable defense and played that way against Temple.

Offensively their quarterback throws the ball well. He's a good decision-maker. They have (Rudy) Burgess, their converted wide receiver now a tailback. He's very shifty and very physical. (Keegan) Herring, No. 24, rushed for more than 100 yards.

They're a very good football team and this will be a great challenge. Our team will look forward to it. I can tell you that with respect to the state's tragedy in the aftermath of Katrina, our school and certainly our football team is respectful of the loss, both in life and physical property, as well as way of life for many people who support LSU and LSU athletics and our football team. When we take the field we will do so with respect for that tragedy."

On the overall team…

"Certainly there's some kind of variance high and low emotionally, and certainly it's something that's a steady, constant wearing. But our team has practiced well and is showing the ability to put everything on the backburner for two hours and practice a little football. That's been a break, sort of a release, for me and a positive release for them."

On the status of the location of the Arizona State game…

"I know that we're playing a game on Saturday, and our football team wants to play. We want to do what's right and will play where directed. If the administration and the people who make those decisions deem it's necessary that we play away from Baton Rouge, the so be it. We'll do so understanding very comfortably that that decision was made for the best of the state, the best of the school, and with respect for those people that have loss. Frankly, we want to do the right thing and we want to be respectful for the people of Louisiana."

On if the team might use the circumstance as an excuse…

"I can tell you there is no excuse. At the end of the year there will be a ledger. The ledger will read wins and losses. There's no asterisks. Our kids are looking forward to playing and aren't looking for any excuses. They're competitors and are looking forward to playing."

On his readiness to play a game in Tiger Stadium…

"At the right time when I'm fortunate enough to be the head coach of LSU and we enter Tiger Stadium to play a home game, I'll be very happy. And it won't make any difference if it's this Saturday or a week from Saturday or two weeks from Saturday. It doesn't make any difference."

On Arizona State having the advantage of already playing a game…

"They're 1-0 and certainly have been through the rigors of getting it on the field and getting it off the field, communicating, and doing all of the thing that have to happen. It really is something that every team has to get through. We had a nice run through Friday. It was a pretty good rehearsal, but the only real rehearsal is gameday. Hopefully we'll get by without much startup cost."

On how the staff and players feel about the changes going on with the schedule… "I'm a creature of habit. I like to know when practice is and what's the schedule and those basic fundamentals. That has changed regularly, but I haven't seen any real cost (because of that). They understand the reason for the change, and the team really has responded the same way."

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