Brady reacts to Katrina, LSU involvement in relief

The LSU athletic community has played a major role in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts on the LSU campus.

Members of every sport have participated in some sort of volunteer work. Several football players visited refugees in the Baton Rouge River Center downtown taking t-shirts and signing autographs. Members of the basketball team worked as volunteers in the very building where they compete on the hardwood assisting in the triage unit at the Pete Maravich Center.

LSU basketball coach John Brady has visited both the Maravich Center as well as the special care unit at the Maddox Field House and said the scene is sometimes overwhelming.

"When you walk through the PMAC and the field house, you see what this storm has done, not only the displacement, but the people that were sick to begin with," Brady said. "It has been a makeshift operation for some of this people who just survived. It breaks your heart. It is not something that in a week from now is going to get much better."

The questions Brady asked concerning the aftermath of the storm are ones many are pondering these days.

"Where do people go that have no place to go?" Brady asked. "What do you do with people that have no way to take care of themselves? That is the issue. What are we going to do to help them? That is the saddest part to me."

Tiger hoopsters Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Tasmin Mitchell worked inside the PMAC Tuesday night. Brady said the experience had a profound effect on his players.

"Glen Davis saw someone pass away," Brady said. "Glen saw a breathing hole opened up in a man's throat so he could survive. He went back to his room and became so emotional about it he broke down and they called coach (Butch) Pierre to go to his room to calm him down."

The experience was one that brought the team together for a special team meeting on Thursday.

"We met as a team yesterday and I told them this season I don't want to hear one complaint about anything. Don't say ‘coach yelled at you.' Or ‘I am not getting enough playing time.' Or ‘I am not getting the ball enough,'" Brady said. "We are not going to listen to that.

"These guys have the greatest opportunity in the world being where they are. This right here should let them know that. Things that are out of our control and can change in an instant. They should appreciate where they are and what they have."

Brady, well-known as a fan of New Orleans, said how the destruction of the city has saddened him. The 9th-year coach said it is amazing how forces of nature can serve as an equalizer.

"It is almost incomprehensible," Brady said. "It doesn't matter, who you are, what you had, who you thought you were. It has made everybody the same."

The 2000 SEC Coach of the Year said he has several friends from the New Orleans and he has opened his home to them.

"I have friends that lived in New Orleans that had great homes, great jobs," Brady said. "I have a couple that stayed with me last night, 79 years old, had a 100-year old home in New Orleans, a great law practice. He and his wife left New Orleans with two changes of clothes, that's it. Woke up at my house this morning and said, ‘what do I do now? Where do I go?' It has really made everybody exactly the same."

But in the long run, Brady said keeping the right attitude will help not only Louisiana, but the entire nation get through this tragedy.

"You have to be positive and say we are going to get through this," Brady added. "Whatever we can do to help people, we will do it."

Ticket office to accommodate fans with lost tickets

Beginning Monday, the LSU Athletics Ticket Office will begin assisting season ticket holders who have lost or misplaced LSU football tickets or parking passes due to the result of Hurricane Katrina.

"A number of season ticket holders have notified us that their tickets or parking passes were left in their homes in areas that were evacuated and remain inaccessible," said LSU associate athletics director Bo Bahnsen. "We are going to work with each ticket holder individually to meet their needs and replace their tickets or passes as necessary."

For tickets or parking passes to be replaced, the season ticket holder of record must go in person to the LSU Athletics Ticket Office and present a valid photo ID. Fans are asked to understand that an ID is necessary to ensure the secure issuance of tickets and passes. Relatives or friends of the season ticket holder of record may not serve as a representative of the ticket holder of record.

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