In this week's edition of Where Do We Stand, we usher in the debut of football season in Tiger Town, well sort of.

LSU did open the 2005 season with a home game. However, the Tigers were the home team at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona some 1,500 miles west on I-10 from Baton Rouge.

Hurricane Katrina displaced Les Miles' squad forcing the Tigers to open the season on the road against a quality opponent ranked in the top 15 in both major polls. However, the worst disaster in U.S. history and last minute travel plans did not deter the Tigers or some 6,000 LSU fans that made the trip to Tempe.

Kudos to the powers that be at LSU. Skip Bertman Sean O'Keefe and the crew has taken a great deal of flack from fans for agreeing to move the game to Tempe. But in the end, things worked out for the best and the proper decisions were made.

Reports indicate LSU was treated well during their stay in Arizona and the people at Arizona State University did all they could do to accommodate their visitors from the east.

On the homefront, the situation on LSU's campus seems to be clearing up as the Pete Maravich center has been vacated. It seems the Tennessee game will be played in Tiger Stadium – AT NIGHT – according to Bertman.

John Brady has some issues to settled with the NCAA concerning Tack Minor and Saturday was another Saturday of excitement on the gridiron around the college football world.

It is all here, in our latest rant. 

 To the LSU Tiger football team. After two weeks of chaos in south Louisiana, the Bayou Bengals finally strapped it on doing so in an exciting clash with Arizona State. The game consisted of plenty of ups and downs for Les Miles' team, but in the end, LSU won the game and now has two weeks to prepare for the Tennessee Volunteers. 

To Arizona State University, the state of Arizona and beyond. The Tigers were warmly welcomed to the Sun Devil state and it was quite welcoming to see the end zones at Sun Devil Stadium adorned with maps of each state (Arizona and Louisiana) flanking the theme of the game, "Together We Stand." Officials from the Fiesta Bowl paid for LSU's travel to Tempe and all proceeds – over $1 million – were donated to relief effort of Hurricane Katrina. 

To Les Miles' funky little head set worn during the game. Nick Saban made famous the throwing of his Cingular Wireless head set during games, but Les has chosen a much sleeker, new-age look with a small, one ear fitted device. It is hard to tell whether or not he is trying to impersonate Madonna or pick up a second job as a phone operator for Time-Life books. 

While we give Les major kudos in our Report Card (see page 15), we want to give him a thumbs up for his first win at LSU, especially considering the circumstances. Plus, we want to say "way to go coach" for the fake punt he called for on the Tigers first possession. It may have been the gutsiest call he will make this season, again, considering the circumstances. It was great that the play worked, but remember, Tiger fans will get a bit antsy if Miles makes a happy of these Tuberville'esqe antics. 

To coach John Brady and his appeal to the SEC and NCAA. When the first day of school was pushed back one week, it directly affected the suspension of point guard Tack Minor. Minor was disciplined after an academic issue last spring and given a one semester suspension from school as well as the basketball team. Since school started one week later due to the hurricane, that means Minor's suspension could run later than previously anticipated thus forcing him to miss two more of LSU's non-conference games. Brady is going to appeal to the necessary people to insure Minor's suspension ends when it was previously supposed to. 

Denver Broncos quarterback Matt Mauck will join the Tennessee Titans after being cut by the Broncos. Mauck, an LSU product, was the Broncos seventh-round pick in 2004. "Matt is looking forward to a fresh start," Mauck's agent told the Denver Post. "This wasn't about changing practice squads. This was about getting on the active roster, and we think that's just a matter of time in Tennessee." The Broncos have kept just two quarterbacks on their roster - Jake Plummer and second year player Bradlee Van Pelt.  

To Josh Reed, who was in danger of being cut, was given the chance to showcase himself in the final preseason game against Detroit and he came through with six catches for 67 yards. He shook off one drop. The Bills feel Reed is their best blocking receiver and with rookie Roscoe Parrish (wrist) injured, he will remain Buffalo's slot receiver. 

To Tennessee officials and fans. With LSU moving its season opener versus Arizona State to Tempe due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, Tennessee officials took it upon themselves to try and do whatever possible to tweak the Volunteers matchup with the Tigers on Sept. 24. The UT fans want the game played in Knoxville while officials simply want the game to be played during the daytime to accommodate their fans. However, LSU athletic director Skip Bertman has stood strong by stating the game will be played in Tiger Stadium on Sept. 24 at NIGHT! Way to go Skip.

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