What began as a prosperous day on LSU's campus turned to sickening disgust as the Tigers blew a 21-point lead to visiting Tennessee and lost 30-27 in overtime in the first-ever Monday night game to be played in the modern era at Tiger Stadium.

In the aftermath of the region's second devastating hurricane in less than a month, the LSU campus almost resembled a normal Gameday Saturday. Although tailgating was scarce and the crowd was a late-arriving one, the atmosphere was electric as the Tigers took the field before a national television audience on ESPN. The crowd reached a fever-pitch as the Tigers bolted out to a 21-0 halftime lead. But the mood turned sour as Les Miles' debut was spoiled with a Rick Clausen-led Tennessee rally gave the Vols an improbable come from behind victory.


Spiced up by some rather sophomoric antics by the former LSU quarterback, Clausen's behavior was minimized by the inexcusable actions of drunken mob of dim-witted Tiger fans before the Volunteers even reached the stadium. After an embarrassing display on the field, LSU's reputation as an inebriated gaggle of imbeciles continues to grow exponentially.


More on that later.


As for the game, despite taking a 21-0 lead in the first half, the LSU offense did very little to impress anyone. Penalties and missed opportunities piled up like fourth quarter points by Tennessee. The Tiger secondary again had more holes than a golf course as a quarterback that left LSU fourth on the depth chart completed 21 passes leading his team to victory.


Aside from poor execution on offense and the defense stumbling around in some sort of stupor, LSU's clock management left something to be desired.


On the national football front, USC and Virginia Tech showed they are no doubt two of the best three teams in the country while Vanderbilt remained undefeated – albeit against a patsy schedule. Ole Miss continues to be a growing joke in the SEC and Michigan fell out of the polls since – well, we can't remember when.


On the homefront, sort of lost in the post Tennessee chasm, the LSU Volleyball received its first national ranking in over a decade.


It's all here in our latest rant.



To LSU fans for turning out for the Tigers' unique Monday night game in Tiger Stadium. While some speculated there would be no more than 50,000 in attendance, there was quite a few more. While the crowd was likely not the 91,986 announced, there were at least 80,000 fans on hand.



To LSU fans. The Tigers have tried for years to shake off the stigma of being a classless bunch of drunks that shuck aside all morals and values when it comes to the Gameday experience in Baton Rouge. Just as LSU seemed to somewhat reverse the urban legends of being a lawless mob of bottle-throwing hooligans, a minority of malcontent Tiger fans felt the need to add insult to injury Monday. As the four Tennessee buses - carrying team, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, band and fans – approached the stadium before the game, fans began shaking the bus even going so far as to break windows on the bus carrying Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton.


As hard as it is to believe, Rick Clausen played lights for the Volunteers when he entered the game for a beleaguered Erik Ainge in the second quarter. Three years ago, many regarded Clausen as one of the worst quarterbacks ever to start a game in Tiger Stadium for LSU. Monday, he completed 21 of 32 passes for 196 yards and a touchdown, rushed for another and led his team to a 30-point second half effort.



 To Rick Clausen. As impressive as his performance was on the field, his postgame conduct was anything but. In the chaos following Gerald Riggs' game-winning touchdown in overtime, Clausen scampered into the northwest corner of the end zone, scooped up the football and tossed the ball sarcastically into the heart of the LSU student section. While we admit the act was not nearly as bad as what he and teammates were met with in the streets, it showed a lack of class.



 To a monster effort put forth by middle linebacker Kenny Hollis. Hollis forced a fumble by Ainge on the Volunteers first drive leading to the Tigers first touchdown. Midway through the second quarter, Hollis was the recipient of an ill-advised Ainge pass from deep in his own end zone, which he snared at the three and stepped into the end zone for a 21-0 LSU lead.



 To the LSU offense. While the Tigers did manage 200 yards of offense in the first, those numbers are a bit deceiving. LSU scored three touchdowns, one on a short field, the second on a trick-play flea flicker and the third on a defensive score. The Tigers were largely ineffective sustaining any type of scoring drive. That point was driven home in the second half when LSU managed just 56 yards on offense and went three and out four times.



 To LSU's clock management. A bonehead decision by JaMarcus Russell to run the ball instead of throw on second and 10 in the red zone with no timeouts and 20 second remaining on the clock resulted in LSU not being able to tack on potentially game-clinching points on the scoreboard at the end of the first half. Russell came up two yards short on an eight yard run, thus forcing the field goal until to scurry onto the field only to watch time expire.



 To the USC Trojans and Virginia Tech Hokies. After falling behind 13-0 to Oregon on the road, the Trojans scored 45 unanswered points and made a huge statement in extending the school's longest-ever road winning streak. In a game billed to be one of the biggest in the ACC, Frank Beamer's No. 4 ranked Hokies proved they are for real trouncing the 20th-ranked Rambling Wreck 51-9.



To Vanderbilt. While they did beat Division I-AA Richmond to move to 4-0, anytime the Commodores are undefeated it is time to stand up and take notice.



 To Ole Miss. The Rebels do not want Arkansas to be alone in the doldrums of the SEC. Ole Miss put in its bid for worst team in the league losing to Wyoming over the weekend, that being a week removed from a loss to Vanderbilt. Do you think Ole Miss fans are missing David Cutcliffe right about now? Plus, how long has it been since Michigan was out of the top 25. We aren't sure, but the Wolverines loss to Wisconsin Saturday has Big Blue fans up in arms after a preseason No. 4 ranking is a distant memory after a 2-2 start.


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