Miles meets with media about Vanderbilt

The following are Les Miles comments from his Monday press luncheon.

Opening Statement…

"After reviewing the film of Saturday's game, it looked just like you might expect. It was a workmanlike effort, but one in which our kids played with a little bit of an attitude. They wanted to get back on track, they wanted to take the victory, and in a short week I really think they demonstrated great character. There were some guys who were nicked and bruised, but the assistant coaches did a great job of preparing them for the game plan with not having the normal week to prepare. We really didn't start our preparation until after the Monday game, and I think the coaches did a great job. They put together just the right stuff that allowed us to play well at Mississippi State. Now, with that behind us, we look forward to the rest of the season and a very strong and very capable Vanderbilt team. Jay Cutler and (Vanderbilt's) ability to throw the football is a big concern. They're a very capable team."


On what Jay Cutler brings to Vanderbilt's offense…

"I think he's a veteran guy who's been in their offense for a good, long time. He understands what to do with the ball and has a quick release. Everybody expects what's happening there. He's doing a great job functioning their offense."


On if Vanderbilt's loss last weekend will affect how LSU approaches the game…

"I think we're concerned about our season, concerned about our team, and we know that Vanderbilt's capable. They lined up to kick the field goal in the last play of the game to win it. We know that we're going to go there and need to play well."


On what the team did to create the edge they had at Mississippi State

"I don't think anybody needed to work to create it. We had a short week, tired bodies, some nicks, not the outcome that we wanted; I think that there was edge plenty. I didn't see anything change after the opening mistake. I felt like everyone understood what's going on. There wasn't anybody ruffled. It was just 'let's get back after it and continue to do the things we came here to do'."


On if he is glad to finally have a "regular" game week…

"Honestly, I look forward to a regular week. I look forward to it being Monday and then Tuesday and being able to get in a couple practices in a row with the team and play the game Saturday in what would be a normal travel schedule. I look forward to a normal home schedule eventually. I think that definitely does affect a team. To what extent I'm not certain. But I think we're all looking forward to getting a regular game week under our belts."


On how having a normal game week will help the team…

"I think we have a good football team. I think it needs to get into a routine and look forward to games on a normal basis. We need the same amount of break and the same amount of preparation in between, and I think that allows a team to improve pretty regularly. I think the team looks forward to that themselves."


On how the defense has been able to record more sacks in last two games…

"I just think it's the idea that we're coming after them a little more regularly. I think we're putting more pressure on them, and the guys up front expect themselves to get to the quarterback and understand how important that is for a team."


On the increased roles of Bennie Brazell and Jacob Hester

"I think both guys had really good fall camps. Bennie Brazell is a guy who's shown through his practice and performance for the game that he's going to be capable. He's made some plays for us in a game and told us again to 'throw it to me', not necessarily just saying it but by his productivity. He's been a real asset We expect to play him more and get the ball to him more. Jacob Hester has really improved. He's a young guy who's really talented and we expect that his upside is still in front of him. He's going to be a really good player here eventually."


On the feeling after the blown coverage for a touchdown at Mississippi State

"It maybe allowed us to grind our teeth a little bit more, but our defense was playing well and we felt that we were going to be making it very difficult for our opponent. That was a very obvious bust. We fixed it very quickly and it certainly should not repeat itself."

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