Tigers begin climb back after tough loss

This was the win the LSU Tigers needed to have to let the college football world know this team is a survivor and one that despite despair from personal as well as football tragedy against Tennessee, it can rise up and once again compete for a championship.

Mississippi State was ready and proved it with their initial score. The Tigers responded with an effort that the whole state of Louisiana could be proud of. Thirty seven unanswered points is an output on both sides of the ball, offense and defense, that everyone had so anxiously awaited to see.

The most rewarding aspect of this game was to see that my former teammates Andrew Whitworth and Will Arnold anchoring the left side of the line as LSU wore the defense of Mississippi State down by running the football over their side the entire game. JaMarcus Russell played a remarkable game setting a record for pass efficiency in an SEC game by an LSU quarterback. It is time for everyone to begin believing in him.Sure JaMarcus will make mistakes, but his raw talent he will continue to develop and the good play will definitely outweigh the bad.

This was a win that hopefully allowed everyone to believe in the program again. Losses are tough as all fans felt last week but one can never stop believing in the will of this LSU Tiger team. I always played with that inner fire in good times and bad and I know that everyone dressed in that uniform has that same feeling. This program is still on the rise.

Vanderbilt next week will be a tough test as every conference game on the road tends to be. The team understands that, as it was something we used to thrive upon in our run to the national championship. Jay Cutler will pose a tremendous threat to the Tiger defense. This defense will be ready. I hope everyone watched the last three quarters of the game against State to see the shutout pitched by the defense.

The defensive gameplan was solid and it worked. Mississippi State could do nothing against LSU. This will be a sign of the times, and a sign to Vanderbilt. Arizona State might be the best passing offense in the nation, and LSU was able to survive that test and be victorious.

Even though I play for the Dallas Cowboys I still live and breathe LSU Football. I promise you this team is not down and out. Yes the Tigers suffered a tough loss, but I remember suffering another tough loss in 2003 against Florida. I also remember everyone comparing Oklahoma to some NFL teams.

As Lee Corso might say "Not so fast my friend!" USC will lose and Texas will lose and Virginia Tech will lose, and beginning with next week with Vanderbilt our LSU Fighting Tigers will win and the survivors will begin to once again ascend to the top. A hope for the best is all that we have, and for many more important reasons than football we should all believe in hope.


Stephen Peterman is currently in his second season as an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys. An all-American guard on LSU's 2003 national championship team, Peterman and wife Colleen are the parents two sons, Stephen Jr. and Timothy and make their home in Dallas.

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