PETERMAN: LSU overcoming hidden yardage

A win is a win, especially on the road in the SEC. Even though LSU had to beat up on a quarterback from Santa Claus to do it. (Don't tell my kids that.)

Although the team couldn't put it all together early, it seemed apparent that they would dominate this team early.


As I have said before, the O-line and D-line control the outcome of the game, and that is not because I am a former offensive lineman. 


Even with all of the penalties and turnovers, the offensive line dominated Vandy up front.  My man, Joe Addai, averaged over four yards a carry and went over 100 yards on Vandy due in large part to the holes opened up by the line. Also, both lines have tremendous leadership. This was LSU's fourth game and their fourth starting line up at O-line, due to injuries. 


Hats off to big No. 76 and that O-line Coach. He is pretty good too! 


As for the D-line, again Melvin Oliver, Claude Wroten, Kyle Williams, and company are stopping the run and creating havoc. Coupled with some more frequent blitzes, we disrupted Vandy's vaunted pass attack...even Rudolph couldn't help this Santa Claus.


Vandy was held to negative yards in the first half rushing. When you can do that you should win.


Now for the not so pretty. 


I have said before that LSU must eliminate the mental mistakes. Maybe there were some quantum physics questions going on out there, I don't know, but whatever it was, it must come to a stop soon. LSU has the heart of our schedule coming up and can't afford any more mental mistakes.


A better opponent, like Tennessee did, would capitalize on the Tigers' many miscues. Four turnovers is unacceptable at any level of football. Usually you don't win if you commit that many turnovers.  LSU was fortunate they dominated the line of scrimmage as they did. They must hold onto the football. When you gain over 475 yards of offense, you should blow a team out. 


The Tigers needed two defensive scores to do so. Again, eliminate the mental mistakes of turning over the ball. As for the penalties, same thing. LSU is in its fourth game and had 12 penalties. You don't win big games with that many mistakes. Penalties are what we call in the locker room "hidden yardage." 


Over 150 yards of penalties is like Vandy having 150 yards more offensively. A better team would turn that "hidden yardage" into points. On a positive note, "hidden yardage" is also in return yards.


LSU's special teams continue to shine, despite the two missed field goals. Skyler Green is on fire. Return yards are first downs in "hidden yardage", and Skyler has plenty of return yards going on right now. On the other side of the ball, the Tigers continue to shut down the return teams of opponents.


No "hidden yardage" first downs for the opponent are so important. As everyone knows, field position is key and "hidden yardage" plays a big part of this. 


One more positive note, the Tigers are in great shape. They have looked strong the last two games in the fourth quarter. This is so important in big games and playing for 60 minutes.  Late in a game, you have to reach way down to dominate. This seemed easy for the team these last two games. Hats off to coach (Tommy) Moffet and company for all of their great work. With the new state of the art facilities, it will be interesting to see if anybody can compete with LSU on this level, now or in the future. (Note to self: tell recruits this!!)



Now it is Florida week. 


Always a big week. Big SEC showdown, CBS, a nationally televised game, and a new coach, two of them. 


Urban Meyer said he wanted to get Florida back to the elite, back to perfection in the SEC... well this isn't the week for that. LSU, if memory serves me right, has been the best in the SEC of late.  A national championship, a couple of SEC championships...not bad.  Coach Myer needs to see Santa Claus...he must be on the naughty list. 


Lets all get together for an afternoon of football and show Florida they have a ways to go.


Make it loud so Chris Leak can't hear himself think. You can still make noise in the day light, I know, I have heard it. Remember the Georgia game?


Just start tailgating earlier. Set your clocks ahead, whatever you need to do, because, remember the 60 minute rule! 


Coaches, players and fans alike...60 minutes will bring LSU a victory on national television and Coach Miles his much deserved first win in Tiger Stadium.




Stephen Peterman is currently in his second season as an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys. An all-American guard on LSU's 2003 national championship team, Peterman and wife Colleen are the parents two sons, Stephen Jr. and Timothy and make their home in Dallas.

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