Dickson impressed with LSU

Ocean Springs (Miss.) tight end Richard Dickson is one of the top tight ends in the South and he was in Baton Rouge over the weekend for an unofficial visit to LSU.

"I had a real good time," said the 6-4, 239 pound four-star prospect. "It was real fun. We had a good time watching LSU beat Florida and hanging out and meeting some of the players."

Dickson made the two-hour drive early Saturday morning and he got in town early enough to be able to meet with LSU head coach Les Miles before the game.

"I went down and talked to him in his office," Dickson said. "First, we just talked about school and how we did Friday night. Then, we talked about how they plan on using their tight ends a lot more."

That was something Dickson was concerned about because all throughout recruiting he has heard from other coaches how LSU does not use the tight end much in the passing game.

However, Dickson said that concern has been laid to rest.

"I knew they had some big-time wide receivers and running backs so I wasn't sure how they would use their tight ends," he said. But, the last three games they started throwing to them a lot more. Against Vanderbilt they threw to them something like six times and then yesterday they had four catches. I've been waiting on them to do that and they have proved to me that they are going to try and get them the ball more."

Another concern Dickson had regarding LSU was how the new coaching staff was going to adjust after making the move from the Big 12 conference to the SEC.

Thus far, he is happy with what he has seen.

"I'm comfortable with what the coaching staff is doing so far," said Dickson. "They should have beaten all of those teams a lot worse but they are just making too many mistakes. They could have crushed Florida if it wasn't for the turnovers and penalties but any time you put in a new offense it takes a little time to get clicking."

Less than a week ago, Dickson said he had narrowed his list down to eight schools with the lucky eight being LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida State and Miami.

He said he was not ready to name a leader then and that is still the case.

But, did he see anything this past weekend to help LSU's chances?

"I like what they are doing on offense and I think I think coach Miles will be able to correct the mistakes they are making," he said. "When they do then they will be a great team. I've always liked LSU because it is close to home and they will be there until the end."

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