Been There, Done That


Les Miles got his first win in Tiger Stadium though, but it wasn't very memorable. In fact, he would just as soon forget it, just like the many players who made mistakes and turnovers.

Hey, at least LSU has some time to practice before Auburn comes to town. I know (Auburn coach Tommy) Tuberville won't be as kind as (Florida coach Urban) Meyer was, so LSU has a lot of work to do this week.

Another first, was that an Olympic star or wide receiver, getting his first touchdown in Tiger Stadium? Way to go Bennie, I never got my chance to get into the end zone... no fumble rooskies in my day.

Penalties and turnovers are again mental mistakes. Maybe the team is still suffering some from all of the many distractions it has had since the season started. Whatever the case may be, the Tigers need to rally around each other and stay focused for 60 minutes during the game. I am sure they are practicing as hard as they can. They all definitely have a lot of pride in the team and the outcome of the game. I know they are leaving it all on the field, much the way we did when I was a Tiger.

It may be that they are focusing too much on not making the mistakes to the point where they are becoming consumed with it. The focus should be executing each and every play and not on what not to do.

The coaches and players need to focus on the positive things that need to be done and have been done to continue to be successful. LSU still has a ways to go before it can get back to Atlanta and the Tigers can't take any more chances.

Good thing the defense has come around. For all of the "ugly" play it was called out on early in the season, LSU sure has undergone an extreme makeover. They bailed the Tiger offense out in this game for sure.

Florida scored off three turnovers against a very short field each time. Hats off to the hustle on the defensive side of the ball. The defense along with punter Chris Jackson, who gets my game ball, kept Florida in check after repeated miscues on offense. Jackson repeatedly got the ball off under tremendous pressure from Florida and pinned them deep a couple of times when the Tigers was needed most.

How many sports does he play anyway? Can we use him in basketball too?

Offensively, there were some positives, although they were overshadowed by five turnovers and 11 penalties. No. 10 (Joe Addai) had a career day that shouldn't be overlooked because of his fumble. The O-line, despite many "questionable" calls (you know I am going to take up for those guys up front) did open up plenty of holes for Addai and company. JaMarcus Russell had a solid, but not great, game. He came through on the winning drive with a great throw to Dwayne Bowe over the middle on a third and long play. Remember, LSU averaged over five yards per play on offense. But the Tigers kept shooting themselves in the foot. I am confident in this team's ability to overcome this and correct it.

As for this week, finally coach Miles gets to see a Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. Man, I miss them a lot. I can only imagine what the tailgating is like, but finally for the fans a full Saturday of tailgating. (I can smell the food already!) Auburn will be no easy task. I really don't like those guys!

We have a lot to pay them back for... last year's game as well as there still is the stench of cigars in Tiger Stadium. And don't forget our band and beloved field how they have disrespected them in the past. Same head coach the entire time....says a lot about a team and a program doesn't it?

Let's get out there Saturday night and have some fun! That is what we need now. A good old fashioned fun-filled butt kicking focusing 60 minutes on what to do to win and not on the negative.

That would be B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!


Stephen Peterman is currently in his second season as an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys. An all-American guard on LSU's 2003 national championship team, Peterman and wife Colleen are the parents two sons, Stephen Jr. and Timothy and make their home in Dallas.

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