Been there, done that

U-G-L-Y's cousin came by Saturday night... N-O-T S-O P-R-E-T-T-Y.

However, LSU will definitely take it. This series continues to be mind blowing. LSU drops two sure touchdowns, along with a couple dropped interceptions, that would have put Auburn away.

Auburn meanwhile was punished for the get a second chance at a PAT try last year's 10-9 win on the Plains, and missed five field goals. Go figure. At least there were no fires, no cigars, and the band escaped relatively injury-free. Whew!

LSU must still improve its mental play of the game.

LSU has, without a doubt, some of the best athletes in the country, but for some reason cannot seem to make the plays when they are presented. The team needs to challenge itself to be perfect. That is the only acceptable level of play when you are playing for trips to Atlanta, the SEC Championship, and hopefully a possible shot at a national championship.

Although LSU was much improved in the turnover and penalty department, the Tigers still missed opportunity after opportunity to put this game away early, just like in the Tennessee and Florida games.

This Auburn team was the most talented team LSU has faced this season. They (Auburn) are miles ahead of Tennessee and Florida. Great team speed mixed with talent at every position and a great defense, they are very good. They have a young quarterback, but a great running back and super wide receivers. So let's not take too much away from the value of the win.

However, LSU should have been up 21-10 early in the third quarter and didn't take advantage dropping a touchdown pass. The Tigers can't allow this to happen if they are going to compete for championships. It is time now for the each player to forget about all of the distractions and look in the mirror and challenge himself to play to his maximum potential on each and every play.

Since the school just had midterm exams, how about some mid term grades?

(Boy I don't miss those!!)

DEFENSE: Early on, the Tigers probably had some problems adjusting to a slightly different style of play. As the season has progressed, they have begun to carry the team, enough said, they get the highest mark: A-.

OFFENSE: Definitely the most potential. Tremendous athletes across the board loaded with a ton of experience. (See Whitworth tie an SEC record for consecutive starts for example...way to go big man!)

However, time and time again the players are not making plays when they have the chance. Although improving in the turnover and penalty department dramatically against Auburn, missed chances on big plays and third down conversions are killing them: B-.


Skyler Green, by himself, deserves an A+.

When he is not returning one for a touchdown or simply for more of that hidden yardage, he is forcing the opponent to kick away from him. He is single handily altering special team play.

Chris Jackson is solid at kick offs and punting, but that darn goal post seems to trip up the Tigers now and again. Both kickers missed one Saturday night that could have widened the margin: B

COACHING: (Players, new and old, don't critique coaches in the paper...I'll call the office on this one. Don't want to cause any unneccessry wind sprints!)

FANS: The best in America...see Saturday night!!! You guys were awesome, at least on television. Man I do miss that.

As for next week, our much needed "home opener." A chance to get some rest, some players reps on the field, another day of tailgating...the list goes on and on. Look for No. 76 to set an SEC record with his 46th consecutive start...WOW!

Glad I could teach him so much!

Lets make a statement Saturday we can look ourselves in the mirror next Sunday and not see any more cousins...see the top of the page.

P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N...strive for it!!!

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