Comments from Coach Miles

The following are comments from Coach Miles' weekly Monday luncheon.

Opening statement… "I reviewed the film and it was kind of how we expected it. I felt like the defense played well at times, and I like the fact that they blocked that field goal and had a goal-line stand. Those backs from North Texas were better than I thought, and I think they challenged our guys to tackle them and for the most part they responded. I enjoyed the fact that we got as many back-ups in for the amount of time we did. Down the road that will certainly help us.

On Appalachian State… "If you look at Appalachian State, they're a 6-2 team who has lost two games on the road, one to Kansas and one to Furman. Their quarterback is a tremendously talented guy who I think is the all-time passer at Appalachian State. He's a very good athlete both in the run and the pass. He'll be a great weapon for them. They have a great tailback. I like the wide receivers. They have skill on offense. They'll run the same offense that Florida ran. They have the ability to get two backs in the backfield in the option. On defense they have two defensive ends who are mobile guys. They play with a veteran defense. They line up and scheme a little differently every week, but they play very effective and we expect it to be a competitive game and for us to play well and take advantage of it."

On getting back-ups playing time versus North Texas… "I think we played most of them. The only guys we didn't get on the field that we would have like to get on the field were some of the special teams guys. We got pretty much everybody some playing time that we wanted to see and felt good about the number of reps they got on the field."

On injury status… "(Offensive guard) Brett Helms may not be with us (for this season). He is out indefinitely, and we'll miss him. I think we're probably coming back to health with (offensive tackle) Peter Dyakowski and (linebacker) E.J. Kuale. I think our quarterback's wrist (JaMarcus Russell) is pretty much back to normal. I think there are some other nicks, but really nothing significant."

On playing a I-AA opponent… "I think this I-AA opponent is a good football team. In 1999, they went down to Auburn and played Auburn off their feet and almost beat them. Auburn came from behind in the closing minutes of the game to win the game. But I think this is a very capable football team, and they will give us challenges. We'll have to improve this week for a number of reasons. Certainly we have to beat our opponent and then (we have to improve) for the rest of the season."

On Matt Flynn's performance against North Texas… "I think we all have confidence in Matt Flynn and we all anticipate he would play that well. We just needed to get him on the field and see it. I think we'll use Matt as best as we can, but I don't know that we'll change his priority in number of snaps. But we have great confidence in him and look forward to sending him into games."

On Buster Davis' play versus North Texas… "He made several nice receptions and tried to get loose. It seemed like he was the guy who got our goal-line unit ready. I think he had three catches that ended up inside the 5-yard line, so basically after we had a reception to Buster we got our goal-line unit out on the field. It sure is nice to have him back and healthy. He's a very talented guy and certainly we'll need him into the stretch."

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