WR prospect Dixon leading team at QB

Reserve (La.) East St. John product Ricky Dixon was widely regarded as the No. 1 receiver prospect in the state and one of the tops in the South for '06.

For the first three years of his high school career, Dixon had the luxury of playing with all-world quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. The two put up some tremendous numbers during their time together but now that Perrilloux has moved on to LSU things have been much different.

"It's a big difference from last year," Dixon told Tiger Rag. "I have like 11 catches this year and that is way down from the 66 I had last year. Without the ball in my hands I can't do anything."

Over the last four games, though, all of that has changed to some degree. East St. John's starting quarterback Johnnie Thiel went down with an injury and that forced Dixon to lead his team from under center.

In some cases a move like that may not work out that well but in this case it has.

"I always knew I was only one snap away from playing quarterback," Dixon said. "I've always played there to some degree and I like it. There is nothing like having the ball in your hands on every play. Things started off slow but since I moved there I've scored 18 touchdowns rushing, passing and receiving."

East St. John will play for the district championship this Friday against one of its biggest rivals Destrehan. Dixon said Thiel is supposed to be ready to play but if he is not ready to go then the Wildcats will go with got them there over the last four weeks.

"He is supposed to be starting but if not then I'll be the guy again," Dixon said. "Either way we have a good chance to win."

After his game on Friday, Dixon said he would make the short drive over to Baton Rouge to hang out with Perrilloux and some of his other friends. He has been spotted on the sidelines at three of LSU's four home games this season and he will make it four out of five this weekend when the Tigers host Appalachian State.

Every time Tiger Rag caught up with Dixon in the past he said LSU was at the top of his list.

Has anything changed?

"LSU is still ahead of everybody else," he said.

And just who is everybody else?

"I'm still looking at Miami, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Florida and Oklahoma," said Dixon.

A lot of people had figured Dixon would have pulled the trigger by now and pledged his services to the Tigers. He said there is a good reason why he has not done so.

"Everybody is kind of surprised by that," he said. "I just really don't want to make a promise by committing anywhere and then go back on it. I feel real comfortable at LSU and it's close to home but I want to take some visits just to make sure that is the best place for me."

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