Tiger Rag rates the week's issues from around the world of sports.

In this week's edition of Tiger Rag's "Where Do We Stand," we visit of broad spectrum of topics ranging from the gridiron of Tiger Stadium, the Maravich Center and the streets that separate the two.

Two of the nation's undefeated teams managed to rally to remain in the ranks of the unbeatens while another team wasn't so lucky. The nation's No. 1 ranked team kept plugging away as well while one team will have major questions to be answered at season's end.

We give out thumbs ups and downs to LSU's top performers Saturday night. With the win over North Texas, the Tigers became bowl eligible, while at the same time another team did as well, something the Scarlet Knights haven't done in almost two decades.

It is all here in our latest rant.

 While it was nothing to really write home about, thumbs up to the LSU Tiger football team's win over North Texas on Saturday. Granted the Mean Green is one of the worst Division I teams in America, the 53-point win was definitely just what the doctor ordered for the Tigers. While some of the national voters may feel the Sun Belt cream puff wasn't a quality win for LSU, just ask the Tigers who have played four top 20 teams in its last six games.

Games balls go out to Matt Flynn and Justin Vincent on offense. Flynn completed 7 of 7 passes in the fourth quarter for 139 yards and three touchdowns. Vincent rushed for 70 yards on 12 carries and scored a touchdown. Craig Steltz gets half of the game ball for logging his first career interception. Kyle Williams gets the other half after blocking a North Texas field goal attempt.

To the crowd Saturday night in Death Valley. While it was an announced crowd of 88,887, the actual attendance was much less. Hey, sure it may be a really bad team like North Texas, but LSU is running out of Saturday night's in Tiger Stadium. Savor them while they last.

Okay, Tiger Rag usually doesn't address political issues, but this is one that has grown into a full-blown fiasco on the LSU campus and can no longer be ignored here. All right, here's our take on the purple and gold "Rebel" flag issue. What is the purpose of having a purple and gold "Rebel" flag? Sure, some call it heritage, but it is probably more like something trendy to do and many are jumping on the band wagon. Yes, the "Rebel" flag thing is a bit overdone lately and is clearly being spurred on by the amount of coverage in the student newspapers on campus. For years, the purple and gold flags were seen every now and then in the motor home lots along Skip Bertman and South Stadium Drive. It wasn't until the student media began fanning the flames that the blown firestorm erupted. Sure, there were a handful of flags, no one seemed to really care until it was splashed across the front page of the newspaper. Now, it has grown into some sort of cultural upheaval. On Saturday, a protest march, consisting mostly of African-American students, made its way through the streets of the LSU campus. The group was met by opposition and when they arrived in the stadium armed with protest signs, they were seated next to a few unruly students who decided to don the purple and gold flags as capes. Real mature huh? At any rate, do you believe these same students would have done the same if it wasn't made into such a big deal? On the other hand, would those protesting have been so vehement in their protests had they not been emotionally charged into action by the media. The first amendment gives everyone the right to free speech, that includes flags and such. But also gives one the right to protest the same thing someone else might support. Doesn't it seem though everyone would be much better off if the two sides spent the energy to try and meet somewhere in the middle than try to scream louder than the other?

It must have been "ugly uniform weekend" in college football this past weekend. Three teams tried to outdo one another as to see who could have the most offensive uniform. Virginia Tech put in the early bid with its brown, orange and purple ensemble in Thursday night's games with Boston College. It still isn't known yet what Miami was trying to pull off with its green and gold spin in Saturday's come from behind win over North Carolina. You almost could have mistaken the Hurricanes for UAB. Then the Florida Gators broke out its one orange, one blue sleeved jerseys in the Cocktail Party Saturday afternoon versus Georgia. There is one things all three ugly uniforms had in common though, victory.

To the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. No, Rutgers isn't just a women's basketball school any longer. The Scarlet Knights beat Navy 31-21 Saturday improving to 6-2 overall. Rutgers became bowl eligible for the first time since 1978.

Speaking of bowl eligible teams, the Tennessee Volunteers may be on the verge of missing the postseason this year. With Saturday's 16-15 loss to South Carolina, the Vols fell to 3-4 on the year. Considering Tennessee is likely to fall to 3-5 after this weekend's trip to South Bend, the Vols will need wins over Memphis, Kentucky and Vanderbilt to qualify for the bowl season. Remember when Tennessee was ranked preseason No. 3? Nope, neither does Phil Fulmer.

Speaking of South Carolina's win in Knoxville, congratulations to Steve Spurrier who continues to be a thorn in the Volunteers' side. Spurrier made a habit if beating UT when he was the head coach at Florida. What a way to carry on that tradition?

If you are a Texas or UCLA fan, don't take this the wrong way. The true college football fans always enjoy an upset. Two undefeated teams were nearly handed their first losses of the season on Saturday. But Texas rallied from 19 points down (28-9) to beat Oklahoma State 47-28. UCLA came back from 21 points down with nine minutes left in the game to beat Stanford 30-27 in overtime.

Speaking of undefeated teams, USC keeps rolling along. Is there any doubt this may be the best Southern Cal team yet? The Trojans are averaging 601 yards and 49 points per game and have now won 30 games in a row.

Pro sports made their debut on the LSU campus last week as the New Orleans Hornets hosted the Miami Heat in a preseason exhibition game in the Maravich Center. A few days later, the Miami Dolphins took on the New Orleans Saints in (what looked like a preseason game, but it really wasn't) the Saints' first home game in Louisiana this season. Nick Saban returned to Tiger Stadium with his Dolphins, who beat New Orleans 21-6.

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