Been There, Done That

The Mean Green was not so mean.

The outcome of this game was all but decided before the teams stepped onto the field. LSU accomplished almost everything it needed in this game: a solid performance on both sides of the ball, resting the starters after an early blowout, and most importantly, getting some reserves some much needed game time.

It is always different playing at game speed than practice, regardless of the opponent. It may have seemed like a scrimmage to most, but the Tigers were going full speed. This is what LSU missed most by having this game moved due to Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully, the Tigers will enjoy similar results next week and maybe get the starters out even earlier.

Despite the 56-3 score, there were two things the Tigers still need to improve. First, LSU should have put this game away in the first half. They could have and should have scored on each possession with the starters in the first half but did not.

Plus, the Tigers should have also kept them off the scoreboard with their defensive starters. This team is still missing something... I don't know exactly what is causing it, but they are missing that swagger and dominating style of play they have shown in the past. An example of that is yet again too many penalties.

Committing 12 penalties, even with reserves in the game, is inexcusable. Coach Les Miles need to do something to correct this… and soon.

Whatever they are doing to emphasize this, it is obviously not working. LSU is last in the SEC in penalties, and that doesn't win championships.

Coaches and players need to get on the same page as quickly as possible because the Alabama game will no doubt be for all the marbles in the SEC West and a trip to Atlanta.

As for key performances, Matt Flynn looked outstanding. He completed 7 of 7 passes for three touchdowns playing on just three possessions.

Not too bad.

Justin Vincent and Shyrone Carey each averaged over six yards per carry in spelling Joseph Addai, who left the game early with a twisted ankle. Both of these guys could be starting at other schools. The Tigers are definitely lucky to have each of them. Imagine if Alley Broussard was healthy. Hopefully LSU can go even deeper in the depth chart this upcoming week.

Above all, though, the Tigers need to improve as a team on the two areas touched on earlier. To be a championship caliber level all the time, the only way to do that is dominate and make few mental mistakes in each and every game. LSU is not doing that now. It is winning on our talent. Unfortunately, the Tigers can't do that and win every game, just as we saw in the Tennessee game.

It could and will end up costing LSU in games against tougher opponents. However, this is not meant to tear down the accomplishments of this team. We all know of the adversity that they have gone through. However, there are signs of weakness. Enough said.

The goal now should be to put together another dominating effort this weekend. The team should set some goals that correspond with domination and minimal mistakes. LSU should score every time it touches the ball, regardless of who is in the game. The Tiger defense should post a goose egg and even maybe score a defensive touchdown. LSU should set records against an opponent like Appalachian State. That should be this teams goals for this game... setting records, striving for perfection on each and every play.

We shall see...

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