Alex Cate decommits

It looks like the one thing LSU fans were concerned about the most regarding the Class of 2006 happened over the weekend when Alex Cate de-committed from the Tigers and pledged his services to Oklahoma State.

"He called Jimbo Fisher this morning and told him," said Cate's mom.

There are all kind of rumors swirling around regarding Cate's decision and at the center of them all seems to surround the recruitment of Tim Tebow. While that did play a role in his decision, Mrs. Cate assured us that it was not a fear of competition.

"It wasn't a matter of competition because he knows anywhere he goes there is going to be competition," she said. "Ryan Perrilloux did not scare him off and Oklahoma State has Bobby Reid. So, it's not the competition."

In previous interviews with Tiger Rag, Cate said he was told several times that the Tigers only wanted to sign one quarterback in this class and that he was their man. However, it appears that a lack of communication on LSU's part was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"If the coaches would have called and said they were planning on taking two quarterbacks, he would have said ok and still gone to LSU," said Mrs. Cate. "But they didn't call and say anything so it came down to an issue of trust. We found out LSU was recruiting Tebow from someone else.

Coach Fisher said he tried to call but Alex never got a message or anything. If he is going to spend the next four or five years of his life at a place then he has to feel comfortable."

Mrs. Cate said that this was not an easy decision for Alex to make because he really liked LSU. But, one reason he chose LSU in the first place was the relationship he had with Fisher and Miles but it came down to a trust issue.

"We just didn't feel that the coaches were being honest and up front," she said. "I told Alex before you make a decision to do anything you think about where you are going to feel the most comfortable at. He really likes Oklahoma State and what they are doing and that is what he has decided on."

Now, for Fisher and Miles' sake, Tebow better feel that LSU is where he feels the most comfortable at or LSU may end up high and dry at the quarterback position come signing day.

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