Tebow talks about LSU-UA game

Not long after Alex Cate phoned Jimbo Fisher on Sunday morning to let him know that he no longer intended to sign with the LSU and was headed to Oklahoma State, Fisher picked up the phone and called the No. 1 quarterback on his wish list.

"He called and we talked for a while," said Tim Tebow, who is rated the third best quarterback in the land by Scout.com. "My dad talked to him again this morning (Monday) but I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him today. I know I'll talk to him again this week though."

From the outside looking in, most would assume that the purpose of Fisher's call was to sell Tebow on the fact that now he would be the only signal caller in LSU's class if he opted to sign with the Tigers. The topic did manage to find its way into the conversation but not to the effect that one would have thought.

"He mentioned that the guy de-committed but it wasn't something that we really talked about a lot," he said. "He knows that isn't going to affect my decision at all. Basically, we just talked about the same things. That was how they were approaching recruiting and the positives about the program."

As for being the only quarterback signed, whether it is with LSU or any of his other four finalists (Michigan, USC, Alabama or Florida), Tebow said there are two ways to look at it.

"Of course you see it and you know you may be the only one but you also look at it like now I want have that competition to make me better," he said. "You can't let something like that be too high on your list of priorities."

Tebow said that what is at the top of his lsit of priorities is leading St. Augustine (Fla.) Nease to a state championship and to soak in as much as he possibly can when he takes his last three official visits to Michigan, USC and Florida.

His trip to Ann Arbor this weekend for the big Michigan/Ohio State match up will be the second week in a row he will have the chance to see one of the nation's top games on tap for the weekend.

Last weekend he was in Tuscaloosa to watch the LSU/Alabama thriller and the Wolverines/ Buckeyes clash has a high standard to live up to.

It was neat," said Tebow of the Tigers/Crimson Tide battle. That was a great environment. Both teams played pretty good and it was two teams that were pretty equal. That was a great game to watch."

With the Tigers and Crimson Tide being two of his five finalists, who was Tebow rooting for?

"For the underdogs," he said with a laugh.

And just who were the underdogs?

"Whichever team was losing," he said with another laugh.

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