IT'S YOUR TURN: Pick the best ever

Okay guys, I read on our Tiger Rag message boards all the time your opinions and how much you know about football. Here's your chance to show what you really know (or think you know). recently took a survey of college football personalities and who think are the best players and games of all time.


Now it's your turn.


Below, I have placed my picks for all-time. Also, I added my LSU all-time picks.


Go to our message board and make you picks:


(Place only your picks for each category and tell why. Do not comment or critique anyone else's picks. Any "comments" will be DELETED. Feel free to place any comments in designated thread below the pick'em thread:




Position Players:


QB Danny Wuerrful, Florida


RB Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State


WR Josh Reed, LSU


OL Robert Gallery, Iowa


DL Julius Peppers, North Carolina


LB Lavar Arrington, Penn State


DB Charles Woodson, Michigan


x-RB Ron Dayne, Wisconsin


x-OL Orlando Pace, Ohio State


x-WR Randy Moss, Marshall


x-DB Champ Bailey, Georgia



Deville's 11 Best


Best Team: Miami, 2001: How many NFL draftees were on this team?


Best Season: 1995, Nebraska destroyed everyone on its schedule, including Florida in the national title game 62-24.


Best Game: Notre Dame 31, Florida State 24, 1993. It was dubbed the greatest game ever played. At that time, I would have agreed. That game still stands out above all others.


Biggest Upset: (NR) Texas 37, #3 Nebraska 27 1996 Big 12 Championship Game. Unranked 7-4 Texas was supposed to be a doormat for defending national champion Nebraska. But John Mackovic's Longhorns didn't lay down for the powerful Huskers and preserved a 10-point win when Mackovic called a pass-play to the tight end on fourth and inches that went for a touchdown and the shocking upset.


Best Bowl Game: 2003 Fiesta Bowl – Ohio State 31, Miami 24. Heavily-favored Miami seemed to have the game in hand before the Buckeyes came roaring back and sent the game to overtime. Sure there was controversy, but isn't that what makes college football great.


Best Stadium: Bryant-Denny, Alabama. (Sorry LSU fans, if you've been there, you know what I am talking about. However, Tiger Stadium is 1A.)


Best Fans: No doubt, LSU.


Best Uniforms: Penn State. I am a traditionalist.


Best Book: "The Fighting Tigers" by Peter Finney. Although its only covers the first 75 years of LSU football, it is by far the most in-depth book I have ever read.


Favorite Coach: (Tie) Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier


Favorite Player: (3-way Tie) Joe Montana, Notre Dame. Eddie George, Ohio State. Josh Reed, LSU.





Position Players:


QB Rohan Davey, 1997-2001


RB Charles Alexander, 1975-78


WR Josh Reed, 2000-03


OL Alan Faneca, 1995-97


DL Anthony McFarland, 1995-98


LB Mike Anderson, 1968-70


DB Tommy Casanova, 1969-71


x-RB Billy Cannon, 1957-59


x-AP Kevin Faulk, 1995-98


x-DE Marcus Spears, 2001-04


x-WR Michael Clayton, 2001-03



Deville's 11 Best


Best Team: 2003: With a 13-1 record and a national title, how could it get any better than this?


Best Season: 1958: Sue the Tigers won the national title in 2003, but the 1958 Tigers went undefeated (11-0) and gave up just 23 points in SEC play.


Best Game: LSU 17, Georgia 10. Some of the old timers might say it was Billy Cannon's Halloween Night run or the "Turn back the clock game" in 1972 or maybe the famed 19-17 loss to No. 1 USC in 1979, but the greatest game ever seen by these eyes was LSU's 7-point win over Georgia en route to a national title. The game featured every kind of emotion you could ever dream of.


Biggest Upset: No. 14 LSU 28, No. 1 Florida 21. When you think of upsets, you can only speak of one. No one gave LSU much of a chance against defending national champion Florida. But when the dust settled, the Tigers scratched out their first-ever win over the No. 1 ranked team in the country.


Best Bowl Game: 2002 Sugar Bowl – LSU 47, Illinois 34. The Tigers rolled up almost 600 yards of offense as the Tigers leapt back onto the national stage under coach Nick Saban. The Big Ten champions were no match for SEC upstart LSU as the Tigers won their first New Year's Day bowl game since the 1960s.


Best Stadium: Tiger Stadium, of course.


Best Fans: LSU, who else?


Best Uniforms: LSU's home whites. Even ESPN's Chris Fowler thinks so.


Best Book: Again, "The Fighting Tigers" by Peter Finney. Although its only covers the first 75 years of LSU football, it is by far the most in-depth book I have ever read. Also, must toss in my friend Lee Feinswog's "Tales from the LSU Sidelines."


Favorite Coach: (Tie) Nick Saban and Paul Dietzel


Favorite Player: (3-way tie) Josh Reed, Skyler Green, John Corbello

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