FEINSWOG: Please no more Gatorade showers

Before we get into the end of the LSU football season, now officially one of the greatest in school history, drop everything and write and or call your senator or congressman and demand a constitutional amendment banning the dumping of liquid on football coaches at the end of a game.

We implore you. This sophomoric form of physical abuse must end.


Call or write now. Ask them to include in the amendment jail time for photographers who take pictures of it and television directors who show it.


Thank you.


And so the season no one will ever forget was punctuated with LSU's best effort, a total steamrolling of Miami 40-3 that left a nation of viewers more impressed with the Tigers' Hester than the Hurricanes.'


Who'da thunk it?


In the weeks leading up to the Peach Bowl – may its name rest in peace, thanks to Chick-fil-A – the gloom and doom surrounding the LSU football team's followers was nothing short of morose. Such was the reaction to the 34-14 defeat to Georgia in the SEC Championship Game that dropped LSU to 10-2.

10 and 2!


You can slice and dice that Georgia game all you want, but this much is true:


LSU had a chance to rest for a few weeks after playing 11 games in a row without a break. You can't understate what that meant, from healed running back Joseph Addai to an offensive line that was dominant to a defense that was animalistic.


What's more, any team that rips off huge chunks of rushing yardage from the start of a game and then give its quarterback –- and in this case, a first-time starter – the time he needs to pass, you've won more than half the battle.


Joseph Addai, who simply was not himself in November, was a running machine against Miami, rushing for 130 yards and a TD, while catching a pass for another.


Matt Flynn, who started the game by throwing incompletions on 4 of his first 5 attempts, connected on 12 of his next 17. By game's end, he looked like a talented veteran who would be more than capable of taking over the job next year.


Speaking of which, in 21 years of observing LSU athletics, from the basketball chicken pox to Brodhead and Arnsparger at opposite ends of the table to the Title IX lawsuit defeat to Curley Hallman to a football stadium looking like a war zone, nothing seems weirder than coach Les Miles' decision to leave JaMarcus Russell home for the holidays.


Truly there must be more to that story than we know.


Russell, LSU's quarterback all season, was injured against Georgia and couldn't have played against Miami.

But why was he not in Atlanta?


Why was he not with his team at the ESPN Zone or the Martin Luther King National Historic Site or at the hospital to cheer up patients or simply on the sidelines to be with his team?


Something's completely out of kilter here and LSU would be well served to tell us what's really going on, not simply that Russell stayed home so he could rehabilitate his injuries.


It all adds up to a very interesting quarterback situation. Russell had a great year. Flynn had a great game. Redshirt Ryan Perrilloux is reputed to be a great player. All three will want to start next year and the ones who don't, well, we'll be curious to see how they react.


In the meantime, LSU should bask in the season of all seasons, one we'll never forget because of the hurricanes, because of the Tigers' resilience and because in the record books it was one that will go down in school history as one of the greatest ever.




Lee Feinswog is the author of "Tales From The LSU Sidelines," a Baton Rouge sportswriter and host of the television show Sports Monday. Reach him at (225) 926-3256 or lee@sportsbatonrouge.com. His newest book, "HoopDaddy" is available at www.HoopDaddy.net.

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