Girouard recovering from eye surgery

LSU head softball coach Yvette Girouard underwent successful emergency surgery on Tuesday afternoon to repair a detached retina in her eye.

The retina is a light sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye. It acts like a camera, taking a picture and sending that image to the brain. A detached retina occurs when the retina tears or separates from the wall of the eye. A torn or detached retina requires immediate medical treatment to prevent loss of vision.

Due to the surgery, which temporarily placed a gas bubble into her eye to repair the retinal tear, she will be unable to fly for an eight-week period, which ends on March 14. The rapid increase in altitude caused by air travel could cause a dangerous rise in eye pressure until the gas bubble is completely gone.

The Tigers open the 2006 season at home on Feb. 10 with a pair of weekend tournaments before taking to the road for the first time. Girouard is currently looking into alternative transportation to join the team as the Tigers are scheduled to fly to Palm Springs, Calif., for the Palm Springs Invitational on Feb. 25-26, and to Norman, Okla., for the Oklahoma Nike Invitational on March 4-5. The remainder of LSU's scheduled road trips during her eight-week recovery period are scheduled to be bus trips and would not be affected by her condition.

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