Q & A with Ahmad Paige

It is early in the recruiting process but there are several prospects in Louisiana who have LSU fans very excited for 2007.

One of them is Sterlington wide receiver Ahmad Paige (6-3, 165, 4.4) and he took a little time on Monday evening to chat with Tiger Rag about his junior day experience at LSU on Saturday.

Tiger Rag: How was junior day?
Paige: "It went great. I loved it. I don't know what else to say other than I loved it."

Tiger Rag: You went to junior day at Texas a couple of weeks ago so which one would you rate better?
Paige: "I would have to say LSU was better. I liked the format better. Texas was more like school meaning that it was go here and listen to someone talk and then go here. At LSU it was a lot of fun."

Tiger Rag: Can you tell us a little about how the day went?
Paige: "We started off at the pro timing day and that was cool. We got to see a lot of the guys who are preparing for the NFL draft like Bennie Brazell, Skyler Green and Joseph Addai work out for the scouts. After that we ate lunch in the cafeteria and I was kind of surprised because it was pretty good. After that we went to spring practice. I expected practice to be a lot different than it was but it was a lot like ours just more intense. Then aftr practice we went and toured the Academic Center."

Tiger Rag: You mentioned that you toured the academic center but that you didn't get to see much. Why?
Paige: "Coach (Les) Miles called me into his office to talk to him."

Tiger Rag: What did coach Miles want to talk about?
Paige: "He wanted to offer me a scholarship."

Tiger Rag: Did you commit?
Paige: "No I didn't. He wanted me to commit but I didn't. I told him that I loved LSU but I wanted to see what else was out there and he said he understood."

Tiger Rag: When I spoke to you a couple of weeks back you mentioned that you was a big Florida State growing up and that you were going to junior day in Tallahassee on March 25. Did that have anything to do with your decision to not pull the trigger?
Paige: "That is exactly what it was. No disrespect to LSU but I didn't want to commit and then go to Florida State and they say well he is committed to LSU so we don't need to offer."

Tiger Rag: What all schools have offered so far?
Paige: "So far I've got one from LSU, Texas, Georgia and Arkansas."

Tiger Rag: You sound pretty excited and upbeat about picking up an offer from the Tigers. At this point would you say that LSU is the team to beat?
Paige: "Yea. They are my top choice right now. On the way home from LSU I tried to think about any reason that I would not want to go to LSU and I couldn't think of any. I really like LSU a lot."

A closer look at Paige: (Jr.) 44 catches for 1,198 yards and 14 touchdowns/27.7 yards per catch/1st team all-state

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