Luther Davis sets the Record Straight

The LSU community has been buzzing all day over the comments that star defensive end West Monroe Luther Davis allegedly made to a recruiting analyst who writes for a website that covers Notre Dame athletics for another recruiting service.

In that story, Davis was quoted as saying that Notre Dame was easily his top choice and the story reportedly went on to make it sound like he was totally trashing LSU and head coach Les Miles.

Well, after numerous e-mails and phone calls from Tiger Rag subscribers we decided to give Davis a call to get his side of the story and my what a different version we got.

"This guy writing about Notre Dame called and I don't know where he got his stuff from," Davis told Tiger Rag. "He said that I said all kind of stuff about Notre Dame being my top school and making it sound like I was totally ragging on LSU. The thing about it too is that LSU never even came up when we talked except when he asked who my top schools were.

"I called him back today and asked him about it and he was like don't worry about it nobody is going to read that story anyway. I told him he shouldn't have done that and now I will not be talking to that guy anymore."

Davis said that he received a text message from LSU offensive line coach Stacey Searels around lunch time asking him about it and he had no idea what Searels was talking about. He immediately went to the library at West Monroe to read the story and when he saw it he was in a state of shock.

"I couldn't believe it," said Davis. "I've worked so hard to get to where I am now and then this guy tried to ruin it all for me in one day. I had coaches from LSU, Ole Miss and Florida State text messaging me wanting to know what was going on."

I promised Davis I would let him set the record straight on how he feels about LSU and now how he feels about Notre Dame and this is what he had to say.

"To say that I would commit to Notre Dame if coach (Charlie) Weis called me is just not true," he said. "Notre Dame is nine hours away from home and I don't want to go more than five hours away from home.

"I mean I live in Louisiana and it goes without saying that I'm a big LSU fan. I was badly misquoted and there is not anything I could ever say bad about LSU. I like LSU a lot and I like coach Miles and coach Searels a lot. LSU is a great school and would be a great place to play."

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