Bowe looking to LASIK to solve problems

As wide receiver Dwayne Bowe focuses on improving at the wide receiver position this spring, the biggest improvement for his on the field problems might come off the field. During the summer, Bowe is expected to undergo LASIK Eye Surgery to improve his vision.

Following LSU's Peach Bowl victory against the University of Miami, Bowe consulted with an eye doctor in his home town of Miami and was found to be an ideal candidate for the increasingly popular surgery.


Bowe, who was criticized last season for dropping a number of passes, said he had trouble being able to focus on the exact positioning of the ball after the quarterback released it.


"I can see it when [the quarterbacks] throw the ball, but as it gets closer, it starts to haze away," Bowe said.


Bowe added that a lot of his trouble came when running deep routes and trying to avoid the defender while still staying in his lane.  By being in the spot he was supposed to be, Bowe could regain his sight of the ball and make the catch.


"When it gets real close, that's when I can see it again," he said.


Despite his nearsightedness, Bowe led the Tigers in 2005 with five touchdown catches and finished second in receptions with 39, four behind Craig Davis.


Bowe's most memorable touchdown catch came against Alabama when he caught JaMarcus Russell's pass in overtime to give the Tigers the victory by three points.


When he does have the surgery, Bowe said he expects the recovery time to be around three days, and his eye doctor told him he should back on the field shortly after surgery.


LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileuis, involves making a small slit in the top of the cornea and using a laser to reshape the underlying tissue of the cornea.


LASIK eye surgery has become popular among college and professional athletes.  Bowe said a large number of players elect to have the surgery to correct the focus problem on balls being thrown to them.  He added that baseball players are the most likely athletes to consider this surgery.


According to TLC Laser Eye Center news reports, professional athletes such as Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros, Greg Maddux of the Chicago Cubs, and Tiger Woods have all had the laser surgery and have experienced an immediate improvement in their vision.


The surgery, however, is not without its risks.  About 1 to 5 percent of patients have developed blurred vision or nighttime glare.


Even with these risks, Bowe believes the potential of the surgery outweighs any possible risks associated with it.

In the mean time, while Bowe waits until the summer to have his surgery, he said there are many areas he can work on during spring practice.


Bowe stressed learning his routes and staying in the lanes as a big focus for him in the off season.

"We're just looking for a more spread offense," he said.


The key for Bowe during the spring is simply to take everything day by day.  He said that all he wants to do is concentrate on every route he runs and making sure he is in the correct position before he starts thinking about next season.


"I'm not looking forward to the summer or the fall.  I'm just going from practice to practice and correcting," he said.


Bowe also said he has enjoyed what he has seen from quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux.


He said Perrilloux has matured and gained a better understanding of the game through his red-shirt year in 2005.

Bowe also said that Flynn's start in the Peach Bowl has given him the experience in big games and confidence to throw the ball that Flynn needed.


Although Russell has not actively participated in spring practice, Bowe believes when Russell does come back, he will still have the confidence that a starting quarterback needs to execute deep passes.


When Russell returns to action, he will be greeted with even more speed in his receivers. 


Bowe praised the talent and work ethic of freshman Trindon Holliday.  Although listed as a running back, Bowe said Holliday has been working on running deep routes and poses a great threat to opposing defensive backs.

With the hope of an increased clarity in his sight, Bowe expects himself to also be part of the deep threat in the passing game.  With the arms of quarterbacks Russell, Flynn, and Perrilloux throwing the deep threats, Bowe just may see, with an improved focus, many of those balls headed his way.

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