VIEW FROM THE BENCH: Tigers vs. Iona

Fredback from coach John Brady and his team after beating Iona 80-64 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

LSU Player Quotes

Glen Davis
On his second half difference:
"I think it was the will. The will and determination that I had. I wanted to win. It was a little bit of them getting tired and my will to win."

Darrel Mitchell
On getting out of the first round:
"It was a big weight off of my shoulders. We have been in the post season three times, twice in the NCAA and once in the NIT, and we exited in the first round in all three of them. It was a big weight off my shoulders."

Tyrus Thomas
On returning from ankle injury:
"Today was my first game back since spraining my ankle. I was just hoping my team would help me get through it as I worked my way into the flow and tried to get my timing back."

Glen Davis
On getting the ball down low in the second half:
"It was coach's idea. He wanted to start off down low to get an inside presence. They were beating us in the paint to start off. Coach just called the right play at the right time and we stuck with it."

LSU Coach John Brady
On LSU's second half play:
"We didn't make a lot of adjustments in the second half, we just talked about doing what we are supposed to do a little better. Then we made a commitment to throw the ball to Glen early on and he kind of established us offensively. Darrel had a nice second half, Tasmin Mitchell made some big baskets for us and from a team defensive standpoint, I thought we were much better."

On having a higher energy level in the second half:
"I think the energy level picked up a little bit after we made those first five or six points of the second half and we took the lead. I thought our energy level defensively picked up."

On resting Tyrus Thomas in the SEC Tournament to prepare him for NCAA play:
"The prudent thing for me as a coach, and the best thing for our team was to get him as healthy as we possibly could."

On Iona's points in the paint:
"The points in the paint, and I addressed it at halftime, wasn't primarily by their post players. We just gave up some baskets in transition and let them get in the paint for easy scores. Our defense was not as alert or aware as it should have been."

Iona Head Coach Jeff Ruland
His opening thoughts on tonight's game:
"I want to congratulate LSU, we lost to a very good team. I'm proud of my guys. I'm going to miss them a lot, the guys who are seniors. We had an unbelievable crew and they didn't quit."

On dealing LSU's size:
"I think this team wore us down with their size, especially in the second half. We had a period when we got some open looks and missed it. That is when they took the lead and never relinquished it. It says a lot about our guys when a team that size has to play zone against us."

On slowing down the offense in the second half:
"They (LSU) are so long, it's hard to run when you don't rebound and make stops. They executed great in the second half and eventually their height and speed wore us down. We're not going to compete against that caliber of guys playing with one or two players that do not have great games."

On the seniors playing their final game:
"It really hasn't sunken in yet. They are special I've told people this many times, but I'll miss them more next year than all their points. I'll miss them more just being around. Basketball aside I'll miss them being around and their company."

Iona Players
Steve Burtt
On the mood of the team after the loss:
"We are all pretty down. We felt we could compete in this game and maybe even get a win. We were pretty confident and it's tough to have lost. The guys are really down because we really believed."

Ricky Soliver
On the change from the first half to the second half:
"Our shots just weren't falling in the second half. We took a couple of extra passes, but it just didn't work. We played our hearts out in the first half and played hard in the second, but our shots just wouldn't fall."

On dealing with Glen Davis:
"I didn't know he was that big. When I started to practice before the game and saw how big he was I knew he would be a load down low. A big guy like that with a short fade away jumper just killed us down low."

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