Lady Tigers and Huskies exchanges pleasantries before tonight's 2nd round matchup in Nashville.


Head Coach Pokey Chatman

"Washington has a strong transition attack. They are excellent on the offensive glass. They give many different looks. They will test every facet of our system. We will have to meet and exceed the test if we are going to have success. Washington is a team that is well coached. If we're off a little bit, we'll be punished for it."

"Washington has perimeter players who can shoot the three or put it on the floor. They have post players who will screen and pop to the perimeter which is pulling your player away from the basket. They have perimeter players who are posting up. That's a contrast to what we played against in our schedule. That's the element of the unknown. I hope in some shape or form that we present some of the same elements for them. It's a matter of which kids can make the adjustment and be most effective."

"I probably would not (set up a dunk for Sylvia Fowles). Things could change. I haven't thought a great deal about it. In our style of play, the opportunities for her to get a wide open dunk are not there. I allowed her to enter a slam dunk contest last fall for the fans. In Sylvia's career we won't have to set that up. I don't worry about dunking causing the women's game to lose fundamentals. It may secure a few more fans who need to see that. If that's what they need to see to get them in the gym, I think the purity of our game will keep them coming back."

Senior Guard Seimone Augustus

"Overconfidence is not a problem for us. We approach every game the same. Also, the coaching staff doesn't allow us to get overconfident. We expect Washington's best. We will have to play our best to win.

"If Sylvia (Fowles) gets the opportunity to dunk, she will. We want her to do what's best for her and for this team. I've seen her do it in practice. They are powerful dunks for a woman. She makes the rim shake. She does several kinds of dunks. The reverse is one hand, the drops are two and the free throw line with one dribble, one. My favorite is her reverse dunk. You don't see many women doing the reverse. I think the dunk adds to the women's game. It's only going to increase the value of women's basketball."

Senior Guard Scholanda Hoston

"In game preparation we talk about what the other team does, but we never alter what we do. We focus more on what we do best, playing Lady Tiger basketball. We will be locking in on some key things they do and preparing for those. We will defend the perimeter. We can't be undisciplined.

"I think experience plays into it (success) a bit. We've been here before and we've been through it. Some of the players on our team haven't really been through the fire, but a lot of them haven't had the game experience. Just being able to be their support if they have questions can be helpful and just being able to tell them it's going to be all right. It's another game on our schedule and we have to prepare for it and go out and play well."


Head Coach June Daugherty

"We are excited to be into the second round of the NCAA tournament and walk through some things here to get ready for LSU. They're very athletic and, obviously, a very talented team. We look forward to playing them well tomorrow evening. I think Pokey (Coach Pokey Chatman) has done a great job with that program. We had opportunity to see them up close and personal out in Seattle last year with the regional. We are pretty familiar with them, though we have not had the opportunity to play them yet."

"We have to stay focused on playing our system and playing great Huskey basketball. I think we're capable of doing that. It's been a game of runs all year with our program. It is a team that buckles down, stays disciplined defensively and takes care of the basketball against the different pressure schemes we're going to see from them. They're going to mix it up, I think. If we can do that, I think we'll be fine. You have to be careful at this point in the season not to get too far outside yourself. We must stick with what got us here and do it with a little bit higher level than we did yesterday. That's going to be important."

Sophomore Guard Emily Florence

"I guess we are a pretty inexperienced team when it comes to the NCAA. The coaches have been and some of our seniors have. We just have to come out ready tomorrow. It's an exciting experience, being able to win that first game. We've had so much fun down here. Come tomorrow, we've got to get down to business and get another win."

"I like the open space (of Memorial Gym). It gives us room to dive for balls out of bounds. With the benches on the baseline, you get a different perspective of the game. It's something I'm not used to, but I really like it."

"It all comes down to working hard. We outwork a lot of teams and that's when we get our W's. We've just got to come out and play 40 minutes. With LSU, you can't give up at all. You can't let down at all."

Sophomore Guard Dominique Banks

"Seimone Augustus is a great player. Guarding her is going to be tough. I'm not going to really focus on who she is as much as what I have to do to stop her."

Junior Guard Cameo Hicks

"The start is very important because it sets your momentum and it sets the tone for the entire game. But, above all, our finish will be of utmost importance. The games here have been so tough and so competitive. How we play the last five minutes, especially down the stretch, is going to be the most important."

A neutral court definitely helps us. We are just going to have to build our own energy. The team that can build the most energy and feed off the energy is going to be the winner of this game."

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