East Texas OT Claims LSU Offer

Marquis Franklin is up to 6 offers

Texas is one of the nation's leaders for spitting out D-I prospects on an annual basis and this year the Lonestar State looks to be especially top heavy with blue-chip offensive linemen.

The LSU coaching staff is recruiting several of those guys and one who already claims an offer from the Tigers is Tyler-John Tyler's Marquis Franklin.

In addition to his LSU offer, the big 6-6, 320-pound right tackle says he has scholarship offers from Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Houston.

Six offers heading into April is pretty impressive considering coaches can't hit the road to evaluate prospects for another couple of weeks so what is it about Franklin's game that warranted the early offers?

"I'm real physical," said Franklin, who earned first team all-district and all East-Texas as a junior. "I feel like I can dominate on the person in front of me when we run the ball but I can pass block too. Don't think I can't pass block because that is why Texas Tech wants me so bad."

Many high school kids are heading for the beach during their spring break but Franklin opted to spend a couple of days on the bayou instead.

"I went down and stayed a couple of days to watch them practice and to see the campus," Franklin said. "It was cool down there. Everything they have is so new and I really liked the weight room a lot. They had flat screen TV's and radios all over the place. It was A-1 down there."

Franklin said the only other school he had seen that he could compare to LSU was Texas A&M.

When asked which one had more impressive facilities gave a resounding answer.

"LSU was better. LSU has got it going on down there."

Franklin said that he is keeping a level head through the early going in the recruiting process but he saw enough on spring break to know he wants to spend a little more time in Cajun Country.

"I'm going back down for a camp this summer to see some more but right now LSU is high on my list," he said.

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