GONE! Thomas headed to the NBA

Most everyone knew what was liekly to come - and now it is official.

At 3:15 p.m. Monday afternoon, Tyrus Thomas said announced what everyone had expected.


After weeks of speculation, Thomas announced he will not return to LSU foregoing the remainder of his eligibility to enter the NBA Draft.


"I want to be brief," Thomas said, dressed in blue jeans, tennis shoes and a rather expensive looking blazer. "Last night I signed with an agent, Elfus and Siegel Management (of San Diego) and will give up the rest of my college eligibility to enter the NBA Draft."


Thomas said he considered the alternative, which was declaring for the draft without hiring an agent. However, he felt the route he has taken is what is bets for him.


"I thought hard about it and came to the conclusion by signing with an agent, I can help myself accomplish what I want to faster," Thomas said. "I knew what I wanted to do, but after talking with my family and my coach, that helped make my decision that much easier."


LSU coach John Brady, who sat between Thomas and teammate Glen Davis, led a packed house in a standing ovation.


"I tell you, I don't think there is anyone in this room thought he would be sitting here, a projected top five pick, after just one year," Brady said. "We are excited for Tyrus, but also we are excited about what is going on here."


Davis' announcement wasn't as much an announcement but more of a reassurance to Tiger fans.


"I didn't mean to send out a false alarm," Davis said. "I am not finished yet. This is the bets time of my life. College life is amazing. Staying at LSU will help me mentally and physically. I will be here next year to further my career."


Thomas said he knows he has work to do in becoming a better basketball player, but added timing is everything and the time for him to make a move is now.


"I know I could stay here and become a better college player," Thomas said. "But on the NBA level, which is my personal goal, I can't improve my stock any better than it is right now."


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