LSU Legacy Has Tigers on Top

Tarence Calais of Patterson (La.) is a safety that LSU defensive backs coach Doug Mallory will be checking out during the May evaluation period.

Tarence Calais of Patterson (La.) is a safety that LSU defensive backs coach Doug Mallory will be checking out during the May evaluation period.

Calais (6-0, 195, 4.5) will make a good strong safety at the college level as he is physical in stopping the run and he also has the ability to drop into coverage and put the clamps on opposing receivers.

Heading into his junior campaign there were some doubts whether Calais would reach his goal of playing college football, though, because no one knew how he would respond to a serious knee injury he suffered during his sophomore campaign.

The results are in and all doubts have been pushed aside after his first team all-state performance where he totaled 162 tackles, 17 tackles for a loss and nine forced fumbles.

Calais will be the first to tell you that he did not expect to bounce back as quickly, and as well as he did, and he did not expect to hear his name mentioned as a major college prospect.

"Man, I did not see this coming at all," he said. "After the injury I never thought I would be in this position. You really don't know how you are going to do after something like that and then to go through all of this recruiting stuff it's just a little weird."

Coaches from Arkansas, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Miami and Florida are a few who are showing interest in Calais and then of course there is Mallory and the Tigers.

""Coach Mallory likes him a lot," said Patterson head coach Tommy Minton. "He said he has a nose for the ball and is very aggressive. He said he is like a lot of the guys they signed last year in that he can run real well and will hit you."

LSU has not extended a scholarship offer and neither has anyone else up to this point but that could all be changing soon since Calais recently received the results of his first attempt at the ACT.

"Coach Mallory was saying that he wanted to see how I did before they offer and I made a 17," Calais said. "My GPA should be a 2.5 or 2.6 at the end of this year so I should be alright."

Even if he needs another point on the ACT coaches should see that he is well within striking distance and has an excellent chance of being academically qualified.

Mallory and LSU head coach Les Miles will have ample opportunity to see Calais in action as he plans on hitting several camps this summer with LSU being one.

"I'm going to make it down for LSU's second session and then try to get to Southern Miss," stated Calais. "I'm going to visit my uncle (Ike Hilliard) in Miami like I do every summer and I want to try to go to Miami's camp too."

It has been well documented that Calais has strong ties to the Tigers since his dad (Ivory Hilliard) played for them in the 90's and two of his uncles (Dalton Hilliard and Mike Calais) also wore the purple and gold.

Does that give the Tigers the edge?

"Staying close to home would be nice and I've grown up around LSU," said Tarence. "I'm waiting to see who all offers but you could say that I like LSU a lot. Yea, I like them a lot."



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