Green says he is interested in LSU

Courtney Green, one of Texas' top lineman, said he has had LSU on his mind for a while but LSU just hasn't had him on its mind as much. "I thought LSU would have sent me an offer or called me by now," said the 6-4, 280 pound standout for Corsicana High.

"I've pretty much said they'd be in my top three. It would be between them, Baylor and OSU (Oklahoma State). I really like the school and program but I just haven't received much attention from them."


Last season, Green recorded more than 120 pancake blocks, earning him first-team all-district honors for the second straight season.


LSU did make an effort to meet with Green this past spring but the meeting was brief and informal.


"I can't remember what coach I talked to but that was the only LSU person who contacted me," Green related. "I saw him briefly when he came one day and that's it. So far I haven't received an offer, verbal or written."


Green has received a number of offers from other schools.


"I've received eight or nine offers," he said. "OSU, TCU, Baylor, Ole Miss, Colorado State, Houston, North Carolina, Iowa State and Missouri have all sent me offers. Like I said, if LSU had sent me something, my top five would be OSU, Baylor, LSU, North Carolina and Ole Miss."


Green said he will be looking to playing in a top conference such as the SEC or Big 12.


"There are a lot of good teams in both those conferences," said Green. "But, the SEC or Big 12 would be a great place to play."


Green said he's looking for a college that will help him set up a secure future.


"My grades are real good, As and Bs," he said. "I haven't taken the ACT yet, but I'm taking a class to help me with that. I just want a good college where I can start soon. I'm going to major in Engineering. I also want it to have a good campus."

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