LSU admits NCAA infraction, clears player

LSU admits it provided tutoring to a prospective student-athlete, but the university claims the student in question was not aware he was breaking NCAA rules in receiving that help.

Documents released from LSU today say the player, whose name was crossed out, didn't have the needed test score and core grade point average to enroll at LSU. To improve his standing, he was taking independent study classes at the university.


The player was tutored before exams at LSU's Academic Center for Student Athletes, a violation of NCAA rules. In LSU's investigation into alleged academic wrongdoing at the Center, a tutor accused the future student-athlete of receiving a copy of an exam beforehand.


LSU denies there was any cheating and says the athlete didn't know he wasn't supposed to be tutored.


Previous media reports have said Nate Livings, a three-time signee with LSU from Washington-Marion High School in Lake Charles, received tutoring from the Academic Center for Student Athletes while trying to gain his eligibility.


Shannon O'Bryan, a former tutor at LSU, told reporters she was paid by LSU to help Livings at the Academic Center for Student-Athletes last fall.


LSU head football coach Nick Saban said earlier this summer that Livings was qualified to enroll at LSU and play for the Tigers in 2002.


The documents released from LSU today say the university is asking the NCAA to reinstate the eligibility of the athlete, meaning Livings status for the fall could remain up in the air.

More documents could be released soon regarding LSU's internal investigation into allegations of student-athlete cheating and claims of instructors that they were pressured to give student-athletes favorable academic treatment.

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