Weems is Duck hunting

Darrion Weems is at a Duck camp, not an uncommon occurrence for a young man out of South Louisiana. However, Weems is at a Duck camp in Oregon. "It's going good," said Weems. "I'm working hard and I'm learning some stuff."

Last season, after transferring from New Orleans to Ceder Hill Texas after Hurricane Katrina, the 6-foot, 6-inch, 280-pound offensive tackle managed to still win all-area honors, as well as his teammates respect.

Currently, Weems has received 12 offers from schools like, Oregon, Boston College, Baylor, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Michigan State, Colorado State, Kansas, Tulane and Washington, to name a few.

Weems said he can't remember the last LSU coach he talked too off the top of his head, but that he did give him praise the last time they talked.

"They said they liked the fact that I'm so big and athletic," said Weems. "They like how physical I am and the fact that I don't take a play off, and play hard throughout the whole game."

He said the LSU is a good school and that there are some things he likes about them.

"Really, when they're on the field they look pretty good," said Weems. "It's like they shift gears and play at a different level. I like the coaching staff and the way they can motivate a team and make a player better."

Weems said he is keeping his options open for the upcoming season and hasn't quite narrowed his top five down yet. He did tell Tiger Rag what he will be looking for in a school, however.

"I'm looking for great coaches and a great coaching staff all together," said Weems. "I want them to make me work hard and get better. I would like the opportunity to start early and most importantly to get a quality education."

Weems said that LSU will be on his list of schools to visit over the summer, but he doesn't know if an LSU camp is in his future.

"I don't really know right now," said Weems. "I'm up here at Oregon camp right now, and that's what I'm focused on. It's all going to depend on how I feel when I get back home I guess."

Note** Weems said he has a 2.8 core GPA and has not yet taken the ACT or SAT.

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