New LSU logo unveiled

LSU ushered in it's new athletic logos on Friday, hoping to capitalize on the increased interest in LSU merchandise.

The new identity, which takes the place of the old mark that features "LSU" in block letters with the word "Tigers" in script, will become LSU's new primary athletic mark. This will mark the first change in the LSU Athletics logo since 1989.


Since its design, the old logo has generated over $6 million in royalties for the university. All of that money went to the school, but a new agreement calls for the university to split the money 50-50 with the LSU athletic department.




Phoenix Design Works of New York, N.Y., designed the visual identity package. LSU paid approximately $65,000 for the compilation of logos.


Phoenix Design Works also created a font dedicated specifically for LSU. The font, called the "Geaux" font, will appear on many LSU items, including apparel. LSU is believed to be the only university in the country with its own font.


"The new logo and graphics were designed to provide the entire university with a readily identifiable symbol," LSU Chancellor Mark Emmert said. "In undertaking the project, the objective was to develop a visual identity that is clear and crisp in its representation of LSU, that is true to our past and telling of our future. Though athletics may garner the logo the most widespread attention, the design is one appropriate to portray all of LSU."


LSU has also created a new identity, an Oak Tree design, which will be used as well as the existing official mark, the LSU Tower logo. This will be the first time in which the LSU Tower will be used on official merchandise.  


In addition to the new primary mark, LSU will also release 11 other secondary marks and two corporate sponsor marks, which allows LSU's 12 corporate sponsors to show their support of Tiger Athletics. LSU has also created 14 sport specific identities.


LSU will incorporate the logos into giant signage for the back of the Tiger Stadium scoreboards, allowing fans to see the trademarks when travelling to the campus from the south and north. Turner Industries and Lamar Advertising will have the signs installed at cost by the middle of August.







"We are excited about the opportunity to present this new logo," LSU Director of Athletics Skip Bertman said. "I congratulate the committee for this design. I think our new logo is outstanding." 


Bertman "unveiled" an LSU helmet to show that no changes were being made to the football uniform or that of any other sports.


He added that black jerseys would no longer be a part of the uniforms used in baseball, softball and basketball. It was Bertman who introduced the black uniforms in 1997.


Volleyball was supposed to end its use of black uniforms this season, but Bertman said they will use black again because they have had difficulty finding purple ones.


Starting today, LSU fans can purchase items bearing the new marks various locations including the LSU Bookstore and Tyger Gifts in Metairie.

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