Is Kevin Bryant Camping at LSU?

With more than 50 offers from practically every major D-1 school in the nation, Kevin Bryant is No. 1 on a lot of schools' recruiting boards. LSU is high on his list and the coaches are hoping to get him to camp this weekend.

Kevin Bryant is the No. 1 offensive tackle on LSU's board.


In fact, with more than 50 offers from practically every major D-1 school in the nation, the 6-7, 370-pound mammoth is No. 1 on a lot of teams' boards.


Bryant said he has worked hard to get to where he is heading into his senior season at Hallandale (Fla.) and he hopes to be the most heavily recruited o-linemen in the nation next season.


"My goal for next year is to be the top player in Florida," Bryant said. "Maybe even in the nation. I just want to be number one."


Bryant said he did not have a top five, but rather he has a top four.


"I am focusing on LSU, Florida, Georgia and Miami," Bryant said.


He already attended Miami's camp in June and next on his agenda is showcasing his skills for LSU coaches and seeing his competition at the upcoming camp.


"I talked with coach Fisher about two weeks ago," said Bryant. "He was making sure I'm going to camp. He's very up front and straight forward. He's honest and very helpful. He's answered all of my questions and he tries to make sure I don't have any more."


Bryant said that LSU stands out in his mind for a couple of reasons.


"I like the campus and the campus life," he said. "The team is like a family. I like that family atmosphere and the fact that they are family oriented. But, I still have a lot to see."


While Bryant maintains that he does not have an outright leader he does hold LSU in high regard.


"I haven't really thought about a naming a leader yet but you can bank on LSU being one of the schools there at the end," he said.


Bryant said the NFL is in his future, so he wants to get on the gridiron as quickly as he can.


"Early playing time is probably the most important thing," said Bryant. "I want to play as soon as possible. The coaches have talked about playing me at either offensive tackle or guard. It doesn't really matter to me what position I play, but I do like tackle better."


Note** Bryant said he plans to major in criminal justice. He said he currently holds a 2.4 GPA and is waiting on his ACT scores.


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