Camp Update II

Les Miles and his staff had more than 400 kids show up for the final summer camp on Sunday and that group included several prospects already committed to the Tigers and several more who are at the top of LSU's recruiting board for 2007. Sunday afternoon, I brought you our first update from the LSU camp and we have some more tidbits to share.

Camp Update I

The 40-times that I reported on Joe McKnight in my first camp update were a little off as he actually ran a 4.40 and 4.41 on the turf in the indoor facility rather than the 4.36 that I initially reported. Those are still excellent times for McKnight and shoots down the theory that he is not as fast as some would like to see at this stage of the game.

Ahmad Paige and Luther Davis had transportation problems and the plan is for both to come down on Tuesday. Davis will probably not workout but Paige will and he needs to have a good workout. The key will be posting a fast 40-time and showing that he can get off the line in press coverage.

Drake Nevis, DeAngelo Benton and Kantravis Aubrey are all scheduled to head to Baton Rouge on Tuesday. The two Bastrop boys will not workout but Nevis is scheduled to. A key with Nevis will be for the coaching staff to work closely with him one-on-one and a strong showing could land him an offer.

Rolando Melancon ran a 5.0 and despite the rumors of him not having an offer, I am told by my source who would definitely know that he does have an offer. His academic situation is still a little murky but he does have a scholarship offer from the Tigers.

On Monday, Jason Hannan, who is a center and is committed to Oklahoma State, will show up for an unofficial visit.

Two linebackers that were impressive were Josh Bynes and Cameron Bell.

Bell was particularly impressive as he posted a 4.52 (40) and checked in at 6-1, 210 pounds.

We all know about Bynes and he was as impressive as advertised in the limited drills they went through on Sunday. Kendrick Cellestine was a no-show and it will be interesting to see if he makes it down at all. Summer school was an obstacle the last time I spoke to him but I'm not sure if he is still in or not.

A junior wide receiver that turned a few heads was DeAndre Brown out of Ocean Springs (Miss.).

As for the Vendrick Sam kid, who is reportedly out of New Iberia Senior High, information has been tough to come by and I'm not sure if he is in the '07 class or '08. I wrote down the wrong time on him also when I got his information but I'm told that he ran not far off McKnight's times.

Stay tuned to throughout the week as we will continue to bring you updates on the camp.

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