Jones Wants to See a Saturday Night at LSU

Jarvis Jones, one of the top offensive tackles in Texas, said he had a good camp last week at LSU, learning both the positive and negative about his still-developing game. The 6-6, 250-pounder out of Rosenberg (Texas) Lamar Consolidated has a huge upside and that along with his camp performance earned an offer from the Tigers.

"It was a good camp," said Jarvis Jones. "I went up there not knowing what to expect, but I think I learned a lot and I got better. I got better pass protection skills and run blocking strategies. I learned about the things I need to keep doing and the things I was doing wrong and needed to stop."


So far, Jones said he has received close to 15 offers from schools around the South. Since the LSU camp, he said he picked up offers from the University of Houston and Nebraska.


"I don't have a top five right now," said Jones. "I'm going to be going into this whole thing with an open mind. I'm going to take my visits in the fall and make my decision at the end of the season."


As far as LSU is concerned, Jones was only further impressed with a school he says has always been one of his top teams.


"I really haven't experienced the whole atmosphere of a game yet," said Jones. "I'm going to make it down to see a game or two. They were already one of my top schools and their academics are off the chain."


At the conclusion of camp, Jones said coaches told him they were happy with his progress.


"They said ‘we like you and want you to come back,'" said Jones. "They said I got better by the end of camp and that they wanted to extend an offer."


Even though LSU is in need of offensive linemen, Jones said no matter what school he chooses, he plans on taking a red-shirt his first year.


"I still want to red-shirt, so that I can take time to learn a system before I just jump in," he said. "No matter what, I am sticking to my plan to take a red-shirt."


Jones said that even though his mother would prefer him to stay in Texas, he has no problem leaving the Lonestar State.


"It really doesn't matter to me," he said. "As long as a team is going to bowl games, winning and has pro scouts around then that's all I need. Location doesn't really matter."


Note** Jones said he had a B average last year and scored a 17 the last time he took the ACT.



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