Davis ready to run as a senior

It seems just like yesterday Craig "Buster" Davis was arriving at LSU as a wee freshman. Boy how time flies. Buster enters his final season at LSU and does so as part of one of the most talented corps of wide receivers in the nation.

Davis experienced a problem with dropping passes last season at times and recovered from a knee injury during the offseason, but he says he is ready to go this year.


"I am not even thinking about the knee right now," Davis said. "I may have a little bit of a limp, but not all that much."


LSU boasts a very talented crew of wide outs, but also the Tiger backfield is loaded with weapons. Davis said the Tigers will just have to go with what's working from game to game and learn to adapt to certain situations.


"As a team, you have to adapt to your situation," Davis said. "We might have to run more or throw more in certain situations. It is all about adapting. Toward the end of last year, we threw the ball pretty well, in the bowl game and all. We have some great quarterbacks, three veteran receivers and freshman that is looking pretty good."


With Xavier Carter turning pro in track, that left the fourth wide receiver position open. Redshirt freshman Brandon LaFell has stepped up, gained some weight and looks poised to step into that role.


"He is looking pretty good," Davis said of LaFell. "He is not afraid to go across the middle or anything like that. He is working hard and taking some advice from me, Dwayne and Early because we have all played. He is up for the task to step in as the fourth receiver."


And just what type of receiver is LaFell?


"He has sneaky speed," Davis said. "People look at him as a guy who is long and lanky. But if you let him get at least one step on you, he'll run by you."

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