Miles speaks after first day of workouts

After the first full day of fall camp, LSU head coach Les Miles addressed the media Monday night. The veterans went through a two and a half hour workout this morning at 9 a.m. while the freshmen took the practice field, under rainy skies, this afternoon at 3:30.

On the first day of camp…

"The first practice with the veterans was what you would expect. It was a little sloppy and not as crisp as you would like but you could tell we have what it takes to be a good football team. With the freshmen and selective veterans practice in the afternoon we had a really good go. We believe we have a lot of talent with that group. Again they don't know right from left quite yet, but they will get it and they will do well. We have reasons to be encouraged when we put the two groups together in a couple of days."


On practing in the hot weather…

"It is suppose to be that way. It's set up so that during this time they get more reps and less rest between reps. It's a conditioning start.  By the time you get to Friday and put the pads on the tempo of the practice is picked up naturally and the conditioning is on pace."


On Alley Broussard and Justin Vincent

"They looked pretty good. I think there is some improvement to be made with them. Vincent is a little ahead of Broussard but, you can see Broussard's ability."


On the quarterbacks…

"Our quarterbacks are going to be good and I was especially impressed with Perrilloux's performance this afternoon.  The best two-minute drill we had been with him in the afternoon."


On Jared Mitchell joining the team…

"Jared Mitchell has joined us in camp. We told him to put his decision behind him when he arrived. The Minnesota Twins made him a lucrative offer and again he is a guy who said ‘I would rather have a college career where I can play baseball and football.' We are glad he did and I think it speaks to him having character and I know it was a tough decision to turn down an offer like that."


On R.J. Jackson

"R.J is coming off a knee injury and we want to go slow with him. He is really ready to go but we don't want to test him with contact. Being a receiver gives him a lot of training and if he moves back to running back that training will benefit him. It is the same situation we had with Joesph Addai."


On Brian Johnson

"Brian Johnson with the experience he has can really help us in a number of spots. I think he can help us at left or right tackle." 

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