Tigers back to work Wednesday morning

Coaches and players sprinted and joked around Wednesday morning for their third day of fall camp at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility. Fun and jokes are usually a great sign that practice is running smoothly and that coaches and players are both pleased with their progress.

Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher joked with quarterbacks and receivers during passing drills, and even made fun of Dwayne Bowe for tip toeing down the field. Head Coach Les Miles got into the mix and invited some media over to chat.  


What has not been funny thus far is the temperature. The temperature climbed to 87 degrees with 70 percent humidity for the morning workout, a far cry from the comfortable indoor facility that freshmen and transfers have worked in thus far. Players dressed with shoulder pads and helmets along with team shorts for the practice.


Just two years ago, former head coach Nick Saban was complaining about the cool and unusual temperatures Baton Rouge was receiving in mid-August. Temperatures dropped into the upper 60s in the mornings to mid 70s for the afternoon. He complained that the current weather made it harder for his team to adapt to the temperatures his team would play in throughout the season.


Miles has no such problem this year.


Just as yesterday, individual positions broke down into separate groups to work on technique and basics.


Both quarterbacks looked to be throwing the ball well with each quarterback throwing better balls for different routes. JaMarcus Russell threw great fads and outs, but had trouble leading the receiver when they crossed the middle. Throws were often behind the receiver, causing the receiver to slow down to make the catch.


On the other hand, Matt Flynn excelled at throwing across the middle as well as out passes and hitches, but he struggled to connect with the receiver in stride for fad routes.


All receivers looked to be doing well, except for the two kickers that practice with the receivers, which are expected to be behind the others.


The tight ends again practiced blocking techniques with the sled, which could be a hint to how dedicated LSU will be to the run in 2006. During the last period of our stay, the running backs grouped with the quarterbacks to practice basic handoffs, pitches and passes.


The offensive line worked on blocking for the run and assignments, and as we left the practice field, all groups of the offense gathered together to run plays. We saw one play as we exited, which was a perfectly executed screen pass to Justin Vincent.


On defense, speed again was the name of the game as each individual group separated to run position drills. Experts always credit LSU's defense because they look to be the fastest unit on the field. Not only does Miles recruit speed, but his defense practices speed all day long.


Defensive backs ran interception drills where they had to backpedal, catch the ball and then accelerate forward. The surprise of the group was Chris Hawkins, a 6-1, 182-pound freshman from Walker, La. who performed each task exceptional. Even better than some potential starters.


The linebackers worked on making the correct steps in the far southeast corner of the practice fields while the defensive linemen worked on stripping drills and ends falling into the flats.


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